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Default Re: [DS] Road Last Traveled Discussion

Alright, hate to say it, but I’ve had so much on my plate lately that I find trying to keep this thing going is pretty difficult. Not to mention I think people are losing sight of the objectives and after a month and a half, I haven’t seen too much progress. People are searching the same places over again and are relying way too heavily on other NPCs to figure it all out for them rather than go back and piece together the clues. I kind of thought people would be working together in the discussion thread, going over the clues, identifying patterns, and would have made conclusions. Unfortunately, no one was really doing that.

So yeah, I’m going to reveal who the killers actually were. Hate to say it, but I think you guys are facepalm yourselves when you see who was who…

Was in fact Wendy Lawrence. I was actually really shocked to see no one nailed her yet, especially considering some of the later clues would have been dead giveaways if one person gathered all of the Exodus clues and Wendy Lawrence investigations, pieced them together, and applied it to Wendy, who was one of the leading suspects.

Yes, Exodus had the rose as the insignia and I was almost afraid that considering Wendy Lawrence was the florist owner, this would have been an easy giveaway and people would have been all over it to nail her. If people looked a little more closely, they would have seen Wendy was covering up a lot of crap. Hate to say it, but the fact she pretended to be nice definitely seemed to help her evade a lot of suspicion.

Diary Entry #1 – Was meant to show that Wendy made her kills to look like accidents and show that out of all the five killers, she was the most wary and the least brutal out of all of them. Because Wendy was also pretending to be nice to hide her dark side, I thought someone along the line might have caught onto this.

Diary Entry #2 – I honestly thought Wendy was toast when I posted this, but no one really acted on this either. The diary entry mentions “Charm” as having used Sleep Powder on Mr. Bernard, one of the Exodus victims that happened before the RP’s story opened. If you guys looked at Post #19, you would have seen that Charm was in fact Wendy’s Roserade. Officer Hides even mentions that he was sure Charm was a Pokémon, yet that critical detail just kind of went over everyone. Meanwhile, not too many non-grass Pokémon have Sleep Powder. That also could have pointed back to the florist shop.

Diary Entry #3 – I actually made this to kill all suspicion on Sister Rosemary as Wendy herself revealed that Rosemary wasn’t the one. I thought the only reason why no one had assassinated or tried to have Wendy arrested was because they were being extremely tentative about the potential that Rosemary could have been Exodus as well, especially considering she had the word “rose” in her name, which matched with the insignia. That, and how the Exodus diary entries were all being found around the church and around the florist shop. I also thought this would have been a clear giveaway.

Also, no one investigated Albert Valdez, who was Wendy’s ex. Again, there was another potential for a chance to reveal who Exodus was with that, but no one went for it.

I’ll be honest, people were getting close, but just as they were getting warm, they got distracted by some of the other evidence, focused on a new killer, and seemed to forget everything that had happened prior to that.

Was Dr. Morgan Smith. I’ll admit, in comparison to Wendy, he didn’t have as much pointing back to him, though the potential of people recognizing the fact that he was at least one of the killers was definitely there.

On Post 14, Dr. Hammond reveals that Smith went out of town, and how he was already suspecting him to be dead.

A lot of the clues that involved Scarecrow were meant to show his rather disturbed nature, and the rivalry he had with The Skull.

On Post #30, Dr. Morgan Smith actually makes it back to the clinic alive after "having been out of town" (which he actually wasn't. He was out killing people). This definitely should have been a red flag that only Necros seemed to pick up on before going inactive. Truthfully, I thought for sure that people were going to make him an investigation priority, only most people kind of seemed to ignored it.

On Post #34, Necros investigated Smith and this was the following feedback that should have caught people’s eyes:

Dr. Morgan Smith seems more on the troubled side, seemingly detached from the rest of what’s going on as if distracted by something else.
A pretty big clue, as the distraction was his rivalry with The Skull that had been recently unearthed. Again, I’ll admit that there was going to be more later on.

On the same post, Brad Coleman finds another one of Scarecrow’s kills in the abandoned tavern.

“Meanwhile, bloody lacerations were all over the place. His white t-shirt was now browned with dried blood all over it. I hadn’t seen one of the murders up close like this, but I could tell whatever this guy had been stabbed or cut with had to be extremely sharp.”
Surgical tools, what a doctor would have.

From what was provided, it would have been hard to specifically tie Smith to Scarecrow, but still possible if someone really closely followed the suspect and the evidence. But the fact he safely made it back into town while everyone else had not should have been a key highlight and I thought as soon as that happened, people would have focused on that.

Was Fred Callahan. There was one MAJOR clue that people missed and I thought I was taking a gutsy move by posting it, but no one really seemed to have noticed it. I’ll also admit that there wasn’t too much leading back to him, but it was still possible to have nailed Callahan.

The main killing method that Jigsaw used was many of his victims were found badly butchered. Kevin Jackson finds a Jigsaw victim on Post #7, and Robert found three of them on Post #37, which also had the big clue.

Evidence #12, the Graystone Photograph was the major clue that could have been Jigsaw’s instant downfall. The text mentions “Fast Freddy” as “having pulled a fast one again.” All that someone had to do was look at the NPC list and they could have connected “Freddy” with “Fred Callahan.” I bet you’re faceplaming yourself right now. XD

Post #14, though somewhat innocently, presented Fred Callahan as a troubled individual.

Things were looking worse. After changing my clothes, stepping out of the shower, and getting dressed, I couldn’t believe how badly things had gone for me. Once, I was a lawyer, hoping that in time, Fallabor Town would grow like the rest of the towns in Hoenn. Nope. Instead, this small farming community had little need for lawyers, and I couldn’t pay the rent for the practice. All of that education, gone to waste.

Just to make ends meet, I had taken the one job I had never wanted to do but seemed to be the only way to make it to the next paycheck. Grave-digging, the most morbid job anyone could ever have. I just didn’t like it, but no one else was looking for workers. I offered to work on the Jackson farm and the Carver Ranch, but they didn’t trust me, as if they thought I was going to steal something from them. So, after spending months with a debt I just couldn’t hold off any longer, I threw away my pride.

And now, we had the killers. I began to think everyone was one of them and they were out to get me. Every grave I dug, I felt like I was digging my own, the rectangular hole where my remains would forever rest. The thought of it disturbed me.

I’ve had enough to deal with already…
They were longshot clues, I’ll admit, but the fact Fred specifically mentioned changing his clothes, even in mid-day, could have linked back to the massive butchering that Jigsaw had done, and why he would have to change clothes and take showers. Meanwhile, it also highlights how the Jacksons rejected him and why he took it out on the family later on in the RP, killing two of their family members (Samatha and soon-to-be-discovered Paul). However, the fact Fred mentions the killers as being against him would have had an opposite effect on someone suspecting him. In truth, this last part would have been really stretching it, I’ll admit, but it could have been linked.

But really, the biggest clue was the “Fast Freddy” note. Like Wendy, Fred Callahan had his depressed and worried side… and his murderous side.

The Skull was actually Paul Walker. I can understand why people did not have Scarecrow figured out, and I could somewhat understand why they didn’t have Jigsaw figured out, but The Skull should have been much easier, especially when he came back.

It definitely should have been crystal clear that The Skull was definitely a war vet that had been badly deranged and ruined from post-war trauma. Out of all of the killers, he was probably the most deranged, though Scarecrow and Jigsaw were no angels either. Also, the rivalry that he had with Scarecrow was blatantly obvious, especially with the video tape found on Post #19. In the same post, Dave Conrad finds the eleventh Skull victim shot with a rifle.

On Post #25, Angela Feyr finds more Skull-related evidence. Evidence #7 – The Interrogation Note was also there to help reinforce that The Skull was a deranged war vet, treating his victim like a POW (Prisoner of War), denying knowledge of the enemy base (again, more evidence to show The Skull was delusional into thinking there was still a war going on), and the execution with the M4A1 carbine, which is a standard military rifle.

However, upon arriving at classroom 62, which appears to have once been used for science lab work, you find a fresh murder scene, again with tables and chairs moved aside. In the upper left hand corner of the classroom, you find the body of Jake Foreman with the following painted on his coat jacket:

From what you can tell, it appears he was shot with an automatic rifle five times. Jake Foreman’s wrists were bound with rope and it appears he was killed while in a sitting position judging from the chair that was knocked over besides his dead body. Meanwhile, it also appears he was killed relatively recently.
Again, more reinforcement to show that The Skull treated his victims like POWs before executing them. The chalkboard message also found was to reinforce the rivalry.

Arguably, while this all pointed back to The Skull, there was nothing more super-obvious than what happened after that. Post 37 should have definitely raised yet another red flag for nailing The Skull. Dave Conrad uncovers a major clue through investigating that I was actually hoping one of you guys would have done a while ago: see who in town was a possible war vet. He reveals Walker and Ashcroft, and Ashcroft, while I had intended for him to look suspicious, wasn’t as major of a red flag as to what happens just after that particular segment:

Oswald Lanterman

I was pissed. Pissed, pissed, pissed. Why was Paul back? I saw him… I saw him coming back down the hall, going back to his apartment. His sleeping place. I watching from the door, but I crawled. I crawled. On my own two hands and feet no less. I crawled from my door and I watched him go back to his room. He was gone. Gone for days. But now back. Carrying a cello case. I don’t remember Paul playing cello. I know. I would have heard it. I know what a cello sounds like. I knew because I had heard a cello before, but not here. I knew because if I had heard it here, I could have suspected Paul of it, but no. Never before in here.

He even looked at me. I knew what was going on in his head. Freaky things. But not the cello. Nothing. And it rattled! That was another thing. The cello rattled while in the case, but I knew it wasn’t a cello. What was in there? I swatted, thinking it over. My god, his face was ugly. And then I thought about the cello and how it wouldn’t rattle like that if there was an actual cello in there. By why use a cello case then? It seemed stupid. And that face. What a grumpy, pissy face. He was hiding something. Ugly face, cello case, and teeth. It was all adding up. I did the math.

“I’m pissed that you’re back! Stay lost! Forever and a day!” I shouted to him.

But he ignored me. He looked at me for a moment, ugly face, cello case in hand, and went right back to his sleeping place. And his eyes were glazed. And then he opened the door, and rattle, rattle, rattle. I crawled to him but then he just slammed the door on my face, like he was pissy about something. He was mumbling things too.

I crawled back to my sleeping place, on my hands and knees, just to be safe. I didn’t like that face.
It wasn’t a cello that was in that case. IT WAS THE M4A1 RIFLE, hence why it rattled the way Lanterman described. Even after this entire segment, no one did anything about it. Robert stayed back at the house (understandable, since you were trying to figure out what was going on with Jigsaw), El went back to looking at Wendy Lawrence for yet another time (I honestly didn’t intend on revealing yet even that much more than what I had shown already), and Ashley Feyr was going back to the church, which El had already just investigated! After that, I had a feeling people were going to completely miss this and never act upon it.

Severance was meant to be the hardest nut to crack, but here it is. It was actually Brad Coleman. The episode where Sonya Harding is killed and on her body is “Severance” was supposed to be the sign. When he shoots at the pursuer, it was actually Sonya Harding that was chasing Sister Rosemary, simply because Sonya thought Rosemary was one of the killers when really, Rosemary was just a snoop of a nun. And Pastor Richards was a snoop of a priest, who also thought Rosemary was a killer.

In the end, Brad shoots and kills Sonya. Pastor Richards shoots Brad (hence why Brad wasn’t killed by either Richards or The Skull (as the murderers can’t kill each other)), and The Skull (Paul Walker) kills Pastor Richards.

Officer Hides

“You’re so full of sh*t, you know that?” I asked Coleman at the infirmary. “You’re saying you knocked your own lights out, and then you woke up to find Sonya Harding dead?”

“I was shot god dammit,” Brad barked at me like some f*cking dog. “Why do you think I’m here? We found that photo for you, what more proof do you need?”

“Pastor Richards and that Harding girl are dead,” I told him, showing him the police report for a few moments. “Why are they dead and not you?”

“I don’t f*cking know, okay?” Brad asked me, getting a little more pissed by the moment. “Maybe they thought I was dead already.”

But then he would have been marked as a kill, and I already searched his jacket for that. At the same time, Sister Rosemary was running like to god-knows-where, and I had already heard from this maggot that he believed she was either Exodus or Severance. However, Exodus herself had already confirmed Rosemary wasn’t the b*tch in question, but that didn’t rule out she could have been Severance. Thing was, no one knew what the hell she was doing over there anyway. The evidence suggested Sonya Harding was either chasing Sister Rosemary or Sister Rosemary was chasing her. That was the only thing I believed about Coleman’s statement. Only because we found Harding shot in a position that would have suggested she was running and tumbled over once she had taken the bullet.

There was also some speculation that Pastor Richards was either The Skull or was Severance also. I had already ruled out the Skull, since there was no f*cking way a priest would be walking around with an M4A1. Severance, I didn’t know. Truthfully, I had a feeling he was a nobody in this whole incident. Scarecrow mentioned he would have killed The Skull if he could, but mentioned that he couldn’t because if he did, he’d be breaking some kind of rule so that he wouldn’t be able to become the “Harbinger of Death” or some sh*t.

The crap Coleman was saying was off on a whole other tangent.
And no one really looked into that either. Though I’ll admit, I had a few more Severance episodes planed, all of which were going to revolve around Brad Coleman’s investigations going wrong while he found himself right in the middle of it.

In truth, Brad would pass out, sleepwalk his way into painting “Severance” on people who looked like they were unintentionally killed or were possible suspects, and would reawaken only to find himself in the middle of hell. That was the major reason why he wasn’t killed. But I’ll admit, more was to come, it would have been extremely hard to pinpoint this.

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