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Default Re: [DS] Road Last Traveled Discussion

And there you have it. Yeah, I kind of would have liked to see it end another way, but the thing was I felt people were beating around one bush and were missing crucial details elsewhere. Also, it seemed like people really werenít working that much together, werenít really trying to piece together the evidence, and werenít talking it out in the discussion thread like I was hoping they would. Thatís mainly why I felt the need to close up this RP. Iíve been kind of busy lately, and I had the feeling people were just overall taking the wrong approach to this RP. Like I said, it was mainly meant to be half game and half RP, and it seemed like people were treating it much more like an RP, which is understandable considering the section its it, but there was an outside element to it as well that people didnít seem to touch base on very much.

But overall, I hope you guys enjoyed it, I know I did at least. I tried to make it a decent challenge, not too easy and not too hard, but it seems like since the RPís design was totally different and wasnít something people were typically accustomed to, that kind of lead to why it ended up being the way it was. People seemed more engrossed into the RP element rather than the other game-like side of the RP where people worked on the clues outside of the RP in the discussion thread. No one was really doing this and I had a feeling it would have taken a really, really long time for people to finally catch on to who the killers actually were. Hence, another reason why I decided to end it.

It was fun though. Not sure if I would do something like this again, but it was something new I thought of that I thought would be interesting to try.

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