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Exclamation Events,Dragons,EV's and Shinies! Trading and wanting!

I am working on becoming a Rare hunter so that includes Rare pokemon,Rare items and of course plenty of events!!!! i want all events ...just make your proposal and i will think about it ;3

My events:

Crown Dog Suicune,
Relaxed nature.
Jun. 18, 2010
moves: Sheer cold, Air slash, Extremespeed,Aqua ring

Crown dog Raikou, (x1 with PKRS)
Rash nature.
Jun. 18, 2010
moves: Zap cannon, Aura sphere, Extremespeed, Weather ball

Crown Dog Entai,
Admant nature.
Jun. 18, 2010
moves:Flare blitz, Howl, Extremespeed, Crush claw

pokemon movie 10 celebi, (one for time travel event in HG/SS)
Bold nature.
Jul. 13,2010
moves: Leaf storm,recover,nasty plot, healing wish
Touched and EV'd (lv 52 with PKRS)

Pokemon movie 09 arceus,
Docile nature.
Jul. 18, 2009
moves: Judgement, Roar of time, Spacial rend, Shadow force

Mystery Mew,
Gentle nature.
Sep. 3, 2007
moves:Metronome, Transform, Explosion, Psychic
Touched (lv 61)

Pokemon movie 09 Pikachu colourd Pichu (x1 with PKRS)
Jolly nature.
Jun. 19, 2009
Moves: Charge, Volt tackle, Endeavor, Endure

Gamestop PCP
Jolly nature.
Jan. 30, 2010
Moves: same as other pichu

(the difference between the two is stats... GMSTP pichu has more Atk,Def,Sp.Def,Sp.Atk. but PKM O9 has much more speed and health...just too lazy to state what the stats are ^^; )

SMR2010 jirachi
Serious nature.
Jul. 27, 2010
Moves:Wish,Confusion,Rest,Draco Meteor.

10 Aniversary Latias
Adamant nature.
Aug. 2, 2008
Moves:Mist ball:Psychic, Recover, Charm.

i also have a shaymin but it's not technicaly an event one...obviously it's a real one but it was caught at flower paradise...if it is an event even though the event was to just open the way to get it then plz tell me and i will add it to the list =3

What i want:

any event that i do not have! i am realy interested in GBA events! like the event for mew in emerald! (one of my faves that one)
i do not mind if they are UT or Touched but UT is more valuable

I am looking for EV's

My EV's:

Dragonite Lv 91

Absol lv 90

Flygon lv 81 (nicknamed Grendal)

and many more to come! including Pikachu!,Dragonair!,Metagross!,Ninetails!,Palkia!, Espeon!,Umbreon! and so many more!

Now onto the dragons!

i need dragons and lots of 'em! but not just dragons, pokemon similar to them too! i have only a few.

My Dragons!

1)dragonite (and the forms bellow it)
2)flygon (not the forms bellow)

main ones i need:

1)dunsparce(now got)
2)aerodactyl(now got)
5)aggron(now got)
7)dragonair(now got)
9)shelgon (i think that's the one that evolves from bagon)
10)latias(now got)
14)yanmega(now got)
15)HG Kyogre (must be from HG) (now got)

and any others!
i would prefer them to be above lv60 but any level is fine especialy if they have been eved then it's any level what so ever
(as you can see im terrible with names especialy when i haven't got them on my pokedex to look at xD)

if they have been eved then that would be worth double since they will be used for battling! (shared out between contestents in a tourney)

i do not have loads of good pokemon but i will try to get any you want (breeding,evolving,trading with other ppl) so feel free to ask for anything!

edit: i just learned how to GTS clone so if you want to keep a copy of your poke i could clone it but it takes a few minutes since it's the GTS way ^^;

edit: i also would like rarecandies,masterballs and luxury balls, any other rare items (im a rare hunter after all! ;3)


1.) Events are worth 1 event/two EV's/3 shinies (may vary depending on the poke/s you offer and level)

2.)If by any chance i give you a hack or vice versa i will give you a refund emediatly and i hope i get the same courtessy (if i only need it for pokedex i will not mind but don't expect an event for it or something )

3.)i splel like cr*p! (spell was spelled incorectly on purpose don't make a federal case over it )

4.) rate me on the "Trade reporting" thread whether i was a good trader or a bad trader i don't care which

5.)don't be affraid to ask for anything else i may have =3 i get trades all the time so i may forget to update the First page every now and again

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we are now on Xat!

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