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Default Re: Pe2k vs Pokebeach III : Auditioning: PM YOUR TESTER- We got a Chat Room Now-

Originally Posted by Elite Trainer Drake View Post
I'm fairly unsure of how your grading us DSL. Tbh i'd like to know personally. I don't intend to start an argument or really question your skill in particular, I'm just wondering because its nice to know what someone who's given the power to choose, actually looks at in a battle.

Perhaps that should have been stated awhile back before tryouts (what the tester would be looking for). And I say this because, the only situation that brought me to wondering this was the conversation about the NU pokemon being utilized in OU.

If anyone watched our battle they may agree that a rematch would be in order (Green saw) to get a better understanding of the players ability due to the circumstances. But I'm not sure how you gauge your opponent if the situation was flawed (hax), and to be honest I'm fairly concerned aswell from the trend of tryout battles. Not to say people who win get a spot and those that lose get sub (maybe), that's just how it looks thus far (but with only 4 battles its to early to "pin" that statement on you).

A little insight into how this is working would be nice honestly. I'm fully aware I was offered a rematch due to the circumstances, but being a sub is about as good as not being in it imo. Afterall, no ones been turned down thus far (again circumstances).

So perhaps someone can clear that up.
I have two years of competitive battling experience, my reputation speaks for itself. I dont like having to come back here and answer the same question over and over with you man. I told you would get a rematch when the time came.

I am very good judge of overall skill and battling knowledge. In my testing i look for team set up, prediction and knowledge of a pokemons ability and usage . Everyone has been given the same test and hax has not played a part in most of the matches.

At this point, 5 people have tried out. DA, Poli, Fierce, ETD and steve. No one else has requested a battle.The people that passed the try out battle passed. You and Steve both are good battlers but didnt win the match. I know how to judge overall skill which is why both of you are on the list for back ups and both are going to get a re match. The team is not set in stone hence the testing phase. THe more people that try out the better for this system to work.

Please try to show patience in the future

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