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Default Re: [WAR 9] Shizen no Senshi: Spirit Guardian Samurai

Originally Posted by Draconic_Espeon View Post
Make that two. ;D I'm glad that I've finally contributed a point, too, but I'm really surprised that it was in RP. I'm going to really try for Writing this week, and I might even do Drawn Art and some other stuff if I can. And, thankfully, my dad is supposed to be coming home from the hospital this week, too. Once he's situated at home, I'll have a lot more time, and I'll be on a lot more.
Hey, that's great news about your dad! It's good that he's coming home.

And congrats to you and Neo for the rp. ^^ I just made a post in there that I started last night. ^^; It's late in the party, but even late arrivals can have fun! x3
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