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Trust me, Thunder would give ANYTHING to be able to skin Master alive! Good think Snowcrystal got away from them! And yes, poor Moonlight. ;-;

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post

And you say you're bad with metaphors. xD
Haha, well, I usually am. XD


*HORRIFIED GAPS* MOONLIGHT, NOOOOO!!!!! That's so horrible. :( But I guess we went down with a He was so noble and such a great pokemon! I feel so bad for him. Dx
Yes, I know.... ;-;

I don't think that would stop Dusty if she was in a similar situation. Dx
Probably not! XD But had Snowcrystal done that, Volco would have torn her apart.



No extra s. xD It's already got one!

I forgoooooot! *gaps*
WOW THAT WAS A GREAT CHAPTER! 8D I'll tell ya, I wasn't expecting Master to turn up! The starting was nice and mellow, and I was concerned the most for Nightshade the most, but then it ALL turned around. I was horrified to see that Redclaw was too far away by the time Snow was captured! And stupid Volco! he's so mean. Dx
Thank you! I'm glad it was! I was annoyed I had to split this off from what is now Chapter 49! XD Haha, funny that the characters expected him to but you didn't! But I like surprising people! Yesh, Volco ish mean. x_x

And to think that Snowcrystal was so close to Thunder! I mean... It's ironic that she happened to be captured by the same trainer, and that she was only metres away from her. I bet they wouldn't ever come that close again by accident (or on purpose), and it sucks that she didn't have any kind of chance to save her or anything. But I guess it's better that Thunder didn't see Snow. I mean, she might have gotten her hopes up again! Which would have been really bad. For one, she could have imagined Snow had come for the purpose of saving her and wanting to save her (and going to the effort) (and when she found out that that's completely the wrong reason, she'd have felt more worthless and really heartbroken again), and two, she would have believed that she possibly could have been saved! But if you look at how helpless Snowcrystal was, there's no chance she would have been able to save her. But still! Thunder was just out of her reach...
I was wondering if you were going to mention that! She was, ironically, VERY close to Thunder and knew it, but there was nothing she could do to try and save her. I really love when you write your thoughts about the story like this! I'd imagine Thunder would think Snowcrystal was coming to save her, had she seen her, as well. It makes me sort of wonder what Thunder would have thought if she'd seen Snowcrystal escape without her...

ALSO, WHY DID MOONLIGHT HAVE TO DIE?!?! For some reason, I imagined he would have been some sort of main character who was significant and who appeared frequently. I actually looked at Grassy's comment before reading the chapter (xD), and by saying "poor Moonlight", I imagined he might have been captured or something, but no... Ugh, just the image of him lying's so powerfully sticking in my mind. The pool of blood... You know what? If he happened to be looking straight at Snowcrystal, that would have been so creepy, but also really horrifyingly sad.
To be honest, I was really sad at his death too! The real Moonlight is dead as well (my Gold version's file got erased ;-; ) Moonlight was never going to be a main character, but what he did was important... Yeah...I'm glad that image was powerful, even if in a bad way! Wow, yeah, that would have been creepy! o.o Good thing he was staring upwards instead...doesn't make it much less horrific though.

Although I've gotta say, I sure am relieved that Volco didn't go after Redclaw and Nightshade instead. Now that would have been a disaster. Not that he really had anything to do with them, especially considering he had the choice of them and Snowcrystal, and a white growlithe rather than an arcanine Master's already owned before and an injured heracross is much more likely something Master would prefer. I think that sentence made sense... xD But yeah. And if anyone would have come along to help Snowcrystal, that would also have been bad. Not that any of her friends would have dared to come near Master, especially when his pokemon are at the tip of his fingers. But I'm so glad that that trainer came along (whose name I know xD)! If he hadn't... then we wouldn't have met the absol! xDD Joking--Snow would have been captured...and she and Thunder would have been reunited in the most awful way possible. For them, at least.
Yeah, had Volco attacked them, everything would have turned out a whole lot worse. Yep, exactly! Snowcrystal was the rare colored pokemon and therefore the one Volco knew Master would want. Yeah, you're right. Any 'rescue operation' would have ended disastrously, quite possibly with members of the group ending up captured or dead. Yes, yay for the guy with the stereotyped-evil name! Yeah...actually, I hadn't even thought of that! That would have been quite interesting to see...both of them under the control of Master. (Snowcrystal would be a bit luckier as she's odd colored, which would mean Master wouldn't want to risk her getting injured or killed, something which would reduce her value.)

You know what I wonder, though? All of those eight or so pokemon Master had could easily have turned on him and killed him, and eight against Volco would end up with Volco being defeated... I guess I have to consider the fact that they would probably need Master to survive--especially since none of them would know how to hunt. And maybe some of them like him... But thinking of Thunder and Redclaw, and all those other pokemon he put through hell (which would be probably most of them), and realising how much they hate his guts, I'd think that most of the pokemon on his team (well, the ones he carried with him) would hate him as well. So it's kinda surprising, if they all agree (which I have no idea if they do or not, but I know I'd hate him!), that they don't turn on him and Volco... o: But you know. xDD Then one of the main villains would be gone.
Actually, there's a reason the pokemon didn't turn against Master. It was hinted at in this chapter, but it's pretty subtle so I didn't expect you to pick up on it. XD You'll find out in more detail once Thunder appears again in Chapter 50. And yes, there are a few pokemon (Master's more trusted ones) that are twisted enough that even though they've been abused, they are fiercely loyal to Master and yes, like him. Obviously, those pokemon are the ones that get better treatment from him (mostly because they cooperate). You're also right about them not knowing how to hunt/forage, because they'd be helpless out in the middle of nowhere where Master currently is. I'd also like to mention that Master's pokemon don't work together. There is a hierarchy among them (Volco being at the top), and they are generally very vicious and mean to each other (any like Thunder who made friends with other pokemon Master was "testing" when they were young would have long abandoned that habit) and that behavior is often encouraged and rewarded by Master and Volco, so that those at the top get there by not only being excellent fighters, but by keeping the other pokemon in line, which leads to better food and treatment, so most of the pokemon seek that to some degree. Had one of the pokemon turned on Master, another pokemon looking for a reward could have very well turned and put them in their place. That is, if the attacking pokemon even got far enough with their attempt.

I also wanted to mention something random about Master (which doesn't have anything to do with this, really) that I wanted to mention before but I forgot. x_x Master has several ways of punishing his pokemon, the most "basic" probably being the whip. Master does not use a whip for any practical reasons, he does so simply because he can. Like (I think) was mentioned in some chapter somewhere, there were a lot of abusive trainers who tried to use whips on their pokemon and got attacked or killed (as I imagine would be easy to happen). Master just likes to know (or show other people, from time to time) that he can use the whip on his pokemon without repercussion. He just likes to be in control. And his pokemon know he is.

OH MY GOODNESS. Talking about villains! 0v0 I wonder what would happen...if Cyclone and Master met. O.o Wow, I'd love to see that moment. I mean, Cyclone'd hate his guts for the reason of him being a human, but also because of what he did to those pokemon. I know Cyclone isn't exactly the nicest to his army's pokemon, but he does hate humans because of what they do to pokemon and their habitats, so I figure he'd hate Master for that...and desperately want his powerful pokemon to join his army... o:
Yes, that WOULD be interesting! Cyclone would be more concerned by the fact that Master is a human (and thus part of the species that takes up habitats and catches pokemon, which is unnatural) than how he treats his pokemon, but he definitely would be angry at the abuse too. In Cyclone's mind, it's okay for him to mistreat pokemon, because he thinks it's for the greater good. He's a hypocrite, but it's completely justified to himself in his mind. (And yeah, Master's pokemon would be of great interest to Cyclone, for how powerful they are.)

AND NOO! NOT YOU, JUSTIN! T^T I'm just waiting for--that trainer--to step in front of Snowcrystal and explain that he cannot capture her! GET AWAY, JUSTIN! I really hope he explains that she needs to find her friends. OH AND OH MY GOODNESS, I REALLY WANT SNOW TO SEE STORMBLADE AGAIN, OR FOR STORMBLADE TO SEE SNOW! OR FOR SPARK TO SEE JUSTIN OR--
XDDD I love the "Nooooo! Not you, Justin!" XDDD Haha, if I were a pokemon, I wouldn't want to be caught by Justin (even if I WANTED a trainer) on the basis that he treats some pokemon unfairly. But I'm a scyther...wait...that would be bad! D8 Stormblade's coming in Chapter 50! (He would be in 49, but I had to end'll be soon though!)

Dusty: *bonks on head* Would you shush already?

Ow! Hey, I was just getting EXCITED! Is that okay with you, Dusty?

Dusty: Clearly not! xD

Aww, you... WELL FINE THEN. Dusty, you tell Scy what you think. I've read it, therefore you must have heard me reading it too.

Dusty: Wh--

Go on! We're waiting! Don't bore Scy, now. >:D And I'm sure she'd love to hear your opinion.

Dusty: Gahh...fine. T^T Scy, don't you think Xanthe's a bit weird to be friends with? I mean, I know she's supposed to be "cool" and stuff, but really...

What you think about the story, not me! Dx Doofus. xD

Dusty: If I'm a doofus, then you're a nincompoop!

Aw, fine. But just hurry up. Dx

Dusty: Anyway... Well, to tell you the truth, uhh... I'd hate to be in your story! All that bad stuff that happens? Like that "Master" dude... It's pretty scary stuff. Dx I mean, I'd be able to handle it, of course, but being around Thunder is crazy! She's some wacked out scyther.

Dusty! You know, you go through stressful things too. Don't lay dirt of TPoD! And would you be nice? You know what Thunder's been through.

Dusty: Yeah, yeah... I'm not laying dirt on it! I'm just saying...Snow and the gang are tough. Dx And on a positive note, it would have been amazing to meet Atricuno. And all the places they've been to are pretty cool. And they're all cool pokemon, but...well, I just hope this 'happy chapter' coming up lightens my views! And yeah...I guess I'd go kinda schizo too if I went through what she did, but that doesn't excuse her! Did you see what you did to Nightshade??

*points to post about 47th chapter* NO. NO, NOT AT ALL. I MISSED THAT ENTIRELY.

Dusty: Quiet, you. But I dunno. Thunder's freaky. O_o The others are cool though. :P Especially that Spark! I'd love to get on his bad side just to be there when he reacts! And if he gives me a jolt of discipline, my fire can easily swallow him whole.

Of course it will, Dusty. While you're lying helpless, sprawling on the ground while twitching as an aftereffect of the electricity.

Dusty: As if! *scoffs* You're my creator (as much as I hate to admit it!). You should know just how much I can take! mean just how little you can take? xDD

Dusty: H-- *slips on a banana peel and faceplants into a tree* OUCH! YOU DID THAT!

Hehehe.... I'm at the keyboard. xDD

Anyway, I put her away. xDD Sorry about her mean words about her not wanting to be in TPoD. She's just scared of what it would do to her.

Dusty: *muffled noises of protest*

But that's Dusty's view on TPoD! Tune in next time to see Xanthe...and her characters! 8D

XDDDD I love this conversation. And yes, Dusty, Xanthe is weird! But in a good way! That is why she is awesome!

Blazefang: Join the club, flareon, I hate being in this story. ]:C At least Thunder's gone...

Snowcrystal: She is not 'whacked out'..okay, maybe she is..but you really think she deserves THAT?

Wildflame: Calm down, Snow. No one said that.

Blazefang: I think she deserves it! Serves her right!

Happy chapter will probably be Chapter 50! But that has the Thunder part too, but the rest will be happy!

Blazefang: Thunder is freaky. I'm glad SOMEONE else agrees. Well, glad that more people agree, anyway, because a few of them...*points paw at Snowcrystal* don't seem to get it.

Spark: How do you KNOW you can beat me? Listen to your author! XDDD

XD Haha, faceplant! XDDDDDDDDDDD I'd LOVE to hear from your characters again next time! And maybe mine will have something to say about your next chapter too!

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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