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Default Re: Everyone wanted! WE ARE BACK ONCE MORE! ~TUN

Originally Posted by Sakuya_Izayoi View Post
If you want, I can join once again, and you might want to add Salamence as an uber, but only use if the battler wants to. I am one of those people, thanks a lot, Smogon. xP
yes deffinately...smogon have gone OTT now only legendaries should be ubers in my opinion and i would love to give you battle since lildude did i wanna see how tough you are for myself ;3 but yeah deffinately join i have great big plans fdor this clan =3

Originally Posted by shinyshuckle View Post
Wobbuffet is uber too :P
Good luck guys.
ah right i'll add that thanks and i think we might need a bit of luck x3

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we are now on Xat!
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