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Default Re: Everyone wanted! WE ARE BACK ONCE MORE! ~TUN

Originally Posted by Ryan Nissan View Post
What happens if they cancel the Internet?
then i will use a giant asortment of strings all attatched to each other to comunicate

oh and to everyone...i realy apreciate people saying good luck to me and all that but i would like to see less of it because i looked at the old thread and it was 4 pages of it so i would be a lot happier if you wouldn't post good lucks unless you have advice or anything else to say with it but just saying good-luck will fill this up and make us look pathetic in some peoples eyes (i know a few like that) thank you =3

i have gotten another to join! we only need ONE MORE PERSON TO MAKE US AN OFFICIAL CLAN! come on now one more person!

edited the Ranks and added a Final rank!

Leader of the clan T.U.N Lords of Darkness
White FC 2624 2821 5234
White2 FC 4900 6256 6560
Elite 4 of the TUN League
Win: 52. Draw: 1. Lose: 3

we are now on Xat!

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