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Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post

:( How sad.

xDD Yeah. Aw, that's true. Dx


Oh noooooooooooooo! DON'T YOU MEAN *GAPS*?!
XDDD Well that's good!


No worries! 8D Hehe, yep. Yeah, that does get annoying! But about the "stopping in an awkward place" thing, I thought it was fine. ^^ It was a cliffhanger, because I don't know what Justin's gonna do now. Dx And where the rest of the gang is! Haha, yeah, it is. xD Yeah, surprises are great. xD He is! T^T
Really? Well, I'm glad it turned out okay and that I found an okay place to stop! I really want to post the next chapter now! But I have to wait. D8

Haha, well, you can trust me to mention these things! Yeah, I KNOW. O_O IT WAS INTENSE. Yeah, that's true. But I bet she would if she could. And at the same time, I don't think she'd know where Thunder was in order to be able to save her. Hehehe, I really like imagining "what if"s, and I know it's also something you wonder too! 8D Hehe. ^v^ Yeah! D: It's really sad to think about but makes you wonder. And yeah! Would she understand that Snow would just want to get away from Master? Would she have realised that, since she came alone, Master captured her and would she be glad to see Snow get away? Or jealous? Or even wish she was in Snow's place? Probably. I guess being with Master would make her think more irrationally and do things she would not normally do. Like we discussed last time about her accepting help and doing anything to get away from him.
Yep, and that's awesome! Yeah, true, Snowcrystal has no idea where Thunder was (when she was there, Thunder was actually still in the poke ball that Master had, so there was no way she could get to it.) Yeah, me too! =D I think Thunder would freak out if she saw Snowcrystal leave her behind, or be really depressed or something. But definitely jealous. At the moment, she'd mostly just be thinking of how much she wanted to get away and, like you said, thinking pretty irrationally. D:

Yeah, I bet. :( (Aw, that really sucks! D: When did that happen?) Ahh. Well I meant more like he played a significant role (which he already played, I suppose). Yeah, it really was. I mean, it was suck an unpleasant surprise to see him there, and at first I thought he might have just been down and out, but when it mentioned his 'sightless gaze', I realised that he was, in fact...dead. :( I mean, you set that out really well--the smell of blood, the mystery, and suddenly, the lifeless corpse. The one we once knew to be a character who helped the gang! Oh, it most certainly would be. Dx Yeah, true.
( Gold version messed up somehow so it doesn't save the file got deleted...) Oh..well, that means the same thing, doesn't it? XD *confused* I'm glad it turned out well! Yeah, I thought people would think he was just injured, so I added the "sightless gaze" part.


Yeah! I couldn't imagine how Redclaw could possibly have fought him off. Dx Yeah, which was good to an extent, and meant Redclaw and Nightshade would be safe. But then, of course, it meant Snow came close to being captured. Yeah, exactly! So I guess it's good they weren't around, but at the same time, I was going "WHERE IS EVERYBODY?!?! SNOW'S BEEN CAPTURED BY MASTER AND THERE'S NOBODY THERE TO HELP HER!!" xDx Oh, okay! Yeah! (Yeah, which means she'd get treated better. But also with Thunder, since she's one of his strongest pokemon, she's worth a lot too--which is good I guess and means he won't risk getting her killed either. Dx)
Yeah...he couldn't. o_O Redclaw wasn't even trained like Thunder was, so he's not nearly as strong as one of those pokemon. Yeah, Redclaw had to have realized something was wrong, but he couldn't really DO anything. Coming close to Snowcrystal would most likely mean his death or capture and he'd be leaving Nightshade alone. (Yeah, he won't risk her getting KILLED. At least not outside of battle (where there's always a risk, even if Master planned it well and the risk is small). The fact that he won't let her die isn't much comfort to Thunder.)

OH SO I DON'T PICK UP ON SUBTLE THINGS, DO I?!?!? xDD Haha, nah, I'm not surprised either. xDD Was it when it mentioned that Moonlight would end up being food? The hunting/food problem? o: Oh, okay. Well that's something to...look xDx Ahh, that makes sense! OH, and was the subtle thing possibly when the houndoom said "find the growlithe"? Because he wanted to please Master? o: Rather than fight the human? Ahh, I see! See, that's what I hate so much about Master. Apart from all the obvious things, he's also really smart and knows what those pokemon want and need, and he gives it to them--provided they obey him and he can control them. Ahh, I like the whole hierarchy thing. Makes a lot more sense now! And I guess, yeah...some would actually like him because, like you said, they're twisted and want what he can give them, therefore being faithful and trustworthy... Yeah, I see what you mean. Plus, if one did turn on him and didn't succeed, imagine what Master would do to them. O_o Attempted murder wouldn't go down well!
Well it's really random and small! Not something you'd think would be important! Well, I won't answer those guesses, because I don't want to spoil it, but you'll find out! I'm thinking that Thunder's thoughts in Chapter 50 will delve into the hierarchy thing as well. Yeah, Master's not stupid, he creates a system where the pokemon's wants and needs work to his advantage. Yeah! The hierarchy is something I've had in mind for a long time, but haven't really gotten to mention it; it wasn't one of the things Thunder mentioned to Stormblade during their talk. Yeah, exactly. Think Thunder can be nasty? THOSE pokemon are a lot worse! Master never really got Thunder to play by the 'hierarchy rules' (she just hates everyone, 'higher rank' pokemon included), but she's valuable enough that he keeps her anyway, despite how dangerous she is. No it would not! That pokemon would certainly be punished very harshly...

Okay, that's fine. xDD Additional information is always welcome! 8D Yeah... Ahh, I see what you mean. And yeah, I guess a lot of trainers would be killed. That kinda reminds me of Mynk... I mean, her trainer was horrible and a stupid person, but he didn't have very strong pokemon (a.k.a. having a zigzagoon xD), and he was not very smart. Which is why he was able to be defeated by a zigzagoon and some rattata. xD And his stronger pokemon would have probably attacked him, but we never really saw them. MASTER'S SO SCARY! Dx I bet he was the bully of his school!
Yeah! I forgot about that in the story, but yeah, Mynk's trainer would be (a more minor case since they were small pokemon, but still) one of the reasons Master would be so happy at being able to use a whip. It's sort of a "look! I can do what most (abusers) can't!" thing. Yeah, they probably would! HE IS. o_O Yeah, probably! I actually have thought a bit about Master's childhood, and what led him to be the way he is. (Unlike Cyclone, Master didn't have some tragic occurrence or anything mess him up, he just became twisted and overly controlling, which eventually led him to where he is now. I guess the only really 'sad' thing that helped him become this way is the fact that his starter when he was ten (not Volco) had something wrong with it and was much weaker than everyone else's.) That might be a bit of a spoiler, but not much. xD I dunno when I'm going to mention it, anyway.


YEAH! Yeah, that's what I thought. Which is kind of ironic, since he lets Solus torture/abuse pokemon (STORMBLADE). Yeah, that's weird... So much for the greater good. D: Yeah, he totally is. (Most definitely! Cyclone would probably love those pokemon on his team!)
In Cyclone's view...anything to keep the army in line and under control is worth it, because he feels his quest is more important than anything, and for the greater good of pokemon. Of course, he's wrong, but he (and many others that follow him) can't see that. (Yep! He'd probably find them difficult to control, but unlike Snowcrystal's group, he's not afraid to hurt them (or have Solus hurt them) or even offer them rewards.)

xDDD I just don't like him! Dx No, I wouldn't either. Especially scyther! How could he be so heartless? Dx Stormblade's one of the best behaved scyther I know of, and Justin didn't even take the time to get to know that. T^T OH NO! YOU ARE TOO!!! Dx YAY FOR STORMBLADE! Well...that's okay. More time for him to heal. xD
I don't blame you! Well, he's a narrow minded trainer and let his fear stand in the way of getting to know Stormblade. DX He didn't care that Stormblade was well behaved because he scared them, and of course, scythers would have a negative stereotype of being mean and aggressive... I KNOW! D8 YES, YAY! Yeah...or at least try to!

xDDDD Well, I did until Dusty abused me! Dx

Dusty: Get used to it. xD Anyway. Hey, I remember you! You're that stubborn houndour. 0.0 Calm down, little growlithe. *puts paw on Snow's forehead to stop her from charging* No, of course she doesn't! I just think she has...issues.

Zhol: Issues that have good reason, Dusty. No pokemon deserves that, houndour. Not Thunder, not anyone.

Dusty: Just for the sake of disagreeing with you, Blazefang, I agree with Zhol! xD Oh, good. I'll be hanging around the foreground of Xanthe's mind for that chapter!
Well of course she's freaky. She's not...bad, though. ...But I'd stay clear of 'er. I'd like to keep my legs, thanks!

Derri: She sounds scary. >.< But I feel sorry for her...

Echo: You kidding? That scythe thing is a freak! I'd never let it near me! Or my fur!

Habib: Any pokemon in need is a pokemon in need! Help is the best thing to offer. ^^

Dusty: Well, simple! You're a jolteon, and I'm a flareon. That's enough reason for me!

xDDD Okay, you guys. x) xDD Haha, I'll bring them along more often, then! 8D And as my story progresses, more characters will be sure to join. xD
(XDDDD at Dusty preventing Snow from charging!)

Snowcrystal: I'm not little! DX

Blazefang: Yeah, you are. You're puny!

Snowcrystal: *glares* Yeah, well...I know she has issues, but she saved Stormblade's life once! She's not a bad pokemon!

Blazefang: Huh...well, Thunder isn't exactly an angel. She's done plenty of bad things to deserve pain! *to Dusty* Good. Staying away from Thunder is the smart thing to do. Nightshade did the stupid thing, and look what happened to him!

Rosie: I wouldn't let her near my fur either! I could beat Thunder in a battle any day!

Blazefang: Sure...

Snowcrystal: *to Habib* Yes! Thunder just needs help...

Blazefang: She's a danger to everyone! Anyone who tries to help her is stupid!

Spark: Oh yeah? Well, if Thunder can fight fire types, so I can I!

Awesome! I'm excitement! I'll bring mine to your stories too!

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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