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Default Re: Dragons needed!

Originally Posted by Wizard View Post
ok i need dragons and lots of 'em! but not just dragons pokemon similar to them too! i have only a few which are

1)dragonite (and the forms bellow it)
2)flygon (not the forms bellow)

i need all but the main ones i need are:

1)dunsparce(now got)
9)shelgon (i think that's the one that evolves from bagon)
12)(the one in between)
15)HG Kyogre (must be from HG)

and any others!
i would prefer them to be above lv60 but any level is fine especialy if they have been eved then it's any level what so ever
(as you can see im terrible with names especialy when i haven't got them on my pokedex to look at xD)

if they have been eved then that would be worth double since they will be used for battling! (shared out between contestents in a tourney)

i do not have loads of good pokemon but i will try to get any you want (breeding,evolving,trading with other ppl) so feel free to ask for anything!

edit: i just learned how to GTS clone so if you want to keep a copy of your poke i could clone it but it takes a few minutes since it's the GTS way ^^;

edit: i also would like rarecandies,masterballs and luxury balls, any other rare items (im kind of a rare hunter ;3)
hello i hav a 58 salemence and a 100 dragonite also a 19 gible so i was wonderin wat would u give me

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