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Default Re: Pokemon Ranger~Stand By Me~

*Decides to join* Not many Pokemon Ranger RP's, you know.

Also, reserve me for one Pokemon on the other team.

Species: Pichu
Name: Pika
Age: 13 in human years.
Sex: Female
Appearance: Pika looks like any other Pichu would, but has Pikachu colored cheeks. She has the normal Light yellow body, and black in other places, like her tails and ear tips. She has violet eyes that shine when hit by darkness, a strange site in anything. She has two extra points on her right ear, telling people that she is an odd, Notch-eared Pichu. She knows she wil evolve somehow, but with her right ear being odd.
Family: Unown, but she has a notch eared Pichu for a mother.
History: She was really mistreated as a young Pichu for having the notched ear. She was mad about this, so she ran of when she was 6 years old in human years. She found the Flygon when she was 12, only taking the offer the next day, when she became 13.
Ill post moves later.
Other:Reserve this one (;
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