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Default Re: Pokemon Ranger~Stand By Me~

This is rather interesting here Ichigo. I have played Pokemon Ranger, and although I absolutely SUCKED at it (couldn't circle a Pokemon to save my life) , I did like concept and plot of the series.

I also read the posts above as well. I too am 16, and roleplay as well (probably older than you though as I was born in January). I'm glad that I'm not the only one here who is of that age.

Here is my character submission, hope you like it. P.S. though, I also am a HUGE fan of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Series, so forgive me for using it for some basis on my character.

Species: Buizel
Name: Ezekiel (Zeke for short)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Looks like an average Buizel in coloration, but has blue eyes instead of black, a trait he prided himself upon. Zeke is slightly taller than other members of his species, as well as more fit due to training he underwent when he was younger. Wears a blue scarf underneath his flotation sac, as well as a watch-like communication device on his right arm.

Personality: Ezekiel is definitely more mature than other Pokemon of his age, which has rubbed off on his personality and sense of humor as well, although he still has his bouts of teenage rashness. Acting often as a mentor or even a slightly immature parent, Ezekiel is far beyond his normal years. Zeke is also a good cook as well, specializing in Mediterranean style dishes that his friends claim, are the cream of the crop. However, a little known secret is that Ezekiel is that the reason that he cooks exotic food is because he is absolutely horrid at cooking food from his native country. Try fried chicken with a side of molten metal at that... Has a slight mistrust of humans due to his upbringing, although he has been trained to speak their language.

Background: Ezekiel hails from a country only populated by Pokemon, born in the city of Vi Clero (Similar to Los Angeles in the real world). A member of the Vi Clero Pokemon Guild, he was recruited into the life of a Rescue Team at a young age. Zeke became the leader of his Rescue Team and developed his mature personality to cope with handling a team of other rambunctious young members such as himself. His team was an effective force, able to complete missions well, and managing to advance to Silver Rank in a quick amount of time. Afterward, Zeke's team went off on a vacation to a beach resort for fun and relaxation, where he slowly began to fall for one of his teammates, Camella, an Azumarill. Two days later, Ezekiel received a message from the Guild claiming that they had received a letter about a mysterious Team Annihilation who was evidently up to no good. However, the place stated in the letter was in a human territory zone, called Almia, which did not sit well with Zeke at all. Nevertheless, Zeke accepted the mission due to the gravity of its message and stole away in the middle of the night to go on the mission alone. He did not want to endanger his fellow teammates, so he left a message that he went on a mountain hike and would be gone for a few days. He then traveled to Almia by himself via plane while posing as another person's Pokemon, determined to stop Team Annihilation and come back in time to win his teammate's love.

Moves: Icicle Spear, Whirlpool (not used in traditional sense though), Metal Claw and Aqua Ring

Other: Secretly loves the Johto region after visiting it, but will never admit it.