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Default Re: Rebirth: Legendary War (SU)

Shadow Legendary goooo!
Player: Giratina (again)

Character Name: XD˛ 137 "Grey"

Age: Sixteen

Gender: Male

Legendary: Darkrai

Appearance: Like all Shadow Legendaries in their human forms, Grey's skin is (appropriately) a mix of gray and purple, and his eyes glow red. Also glowing red are the multiple rings that appear on his face and encircle various limbs, giving the general effect of a twisted Umbreon. There is one other mark on his body, one that cannot be seen from five miles away - and that is a very large, strange pattern imprinted on his back in thick black lines. It is the mark of Darkrai; while once it was a symbol that nothing would best the Legendaries, not even a new world sucking them away, it is now a reminder of how corrupt humanity can become. His hair is the color of slate, and unhindered it would fall down to his waist; however, he keeps it in a ponytail, and it falls stiffly down his back. (As it gets longer, it lightens to white.) All of his belongings were taken from him when he was captured, including his Pokémon and clothes, and he now wears an army green wife-beater and cargo capris. He goes barefoot, and being one of the first Legendaries captured, his left arm is the broad claw of his Legendary.

Personality: Grey had never been a particularly... nice person. Back when he was a normal human being and trained Steel-types, it was not uncommon for him to explode on his Pokemon - he would yell, threaten to break their Pokeballs, and indeed cause physical harm to them. In one instance, he actually threw his Piplup at his Onix because he was simply so frustrated with it. When captured by the military and turned Shadow, his situation didn't improve at all, and he in fact disintegrated from insufferable to downright monstrous. Even among the Shadow Legendaries he is notorious for his short fuse, but like all members of the corrupted species he will heel like a dog if his master tells him to.

Bio: Darkrai, it is commonly agreed, was a spiteful thing.

For oh so many years, he had engaged itself in a sort of twisted combat with fellow Legendary Cresselia; Darkrai would come and set people into nightmares, and Cresselia would follow after him, mourn the humans' loss of peaceful sleep, and set to work fixing them. It had always made Darkrai sick. Every time he tried to consult her about it, that it was just his job and that he really meant no harm, she would fly into a rage and accuse him of being a liar as well as a monster. Which he was. But still. This ordeal had always been destined to occur, and they were always intended to have arguments with one another - Arceus and Manaphy (the Legendary Court's resident prophecy interpreter) both agreed on this.

But eventually, it had to come to a stop, if only for a while.

Darkrai approached Cresselia, for once, with a truthful and reasonable explanation: he would send out nightmares to seven humans who he saw had reacted particularly well to his torment, inviting them in a very cryptic but nonetheless simplistic manner to come to Newmoon Island. From there, he would determine who was to be his new host. After all, the new Darkrai would need to be sharp-minded and vigilant in order to put up with whatever petty complaints the new Cresselia came up with (he didn't mention that last part, of course). Cresselia sighed and said that she wouldn't intercept his work this time, and with his only major enemy dismantled Darkrai set to his own works.

Three people understood the dream. One person followed it.

This one person was a young man named Spencer Stone, a Hoenn native traveling in the Sinnoh region. He had been ten, maybe eleven, when the dream came to him, and for a little boy had reacted surprisingly well. Darkrai was surprised to find that this gray-haired youth was the only one who had showed up at Newmoon Island, riding on the back of a large and fierce-looking Skarmory; at the very least, he had expected someone of age. But this young Trainer - not to mention, as Groudon had not-so-kindly explained to him, son of a Hoennian multimillionaire and brother of that Region's champion - was indeed the only one to pop up. When Darkrai appeared before him, vile energy swirling like a storm around him, Spencer had just stood there with a bemused expression on his face and said: "Well?"

It was then that Darkrai agreed that he could grow to like this human.

Unlike most of the other Legendaries, Darkrai didn't urge Spencer to walk right in to the Legendaries' meeting; instead, after a few months of his own 'training', he instructed the boy to settle himself carefully in the shadows, his mind blank except for what Arceus was to explain to him and the others. Darkrai knew that he had probably picked someone far too young for such a job, and that everyone else had probably at least had people into their twenties; even though he had avoided that by actually picking someone within the middle age range of the group, the rules couldn't be changed now, and Spencer probably wasn't the best candidate anyway.

When the military had invaded, Spencer had run; but he didn't know his way around the tunnels, and by the time he had found his way out, a few soldiers had cited a Darkrai floating beside a young man who matched his description. But instead of being captured and tortured like the others, a few apt scientists realized what Darkrai actually did and proposed that the Legendary's young charge be used for the Shadow-Squared Project. They would inform Stanwick Stone, the boy's father, that he had been accepted into an extremely private but vitally important government collaboration between Hoenn and Johto. The clueless Mr. Stone ate the story up, and after a few weeks of false explanations and vague answers, they finally won over his much more observant son Steven.

It was decided that Spencer, being such an important figure by association, should have his identity cloaked as well as possible. For that reason, the long hair that he used to keep under a hat was let down, and he was given the new codename Grey...

Other: Tardis trouble. Also, theme song.

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

(vpp da)

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