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Default Re: Rebirth: Legendary War (SU)

I'm going to go ahead and post what I've got of my sign-up so I can reserve Latias. I'll probably finish it later tonight.

Player: Draconic_Espeon
Characther Name: Elina Cassopher
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Legendary: Latias

Appearance: Elina is of average height, standing at about 5'8''. She has a slim figure, with a rather flat chest and small hips for a girl. Her limbs are rather thin as well. The combination makes her appear to be almost frail, as if a good gust of wind could knock her over. The truth, however, is that she is actually fairly strong for her thin frame, and very flexible. She is anything but frail, and if anyone said otherwise, she'd be sure to set them straight. Her skin is rather pale, though a spattering of freckles lightly dot her cheeks, giving her an almost childish look. Her large sapphire eyes peer out from beneath long, gingery brown bangs, and her heart-shaped face is framed by long hair of the same color, reaching just past her shoulders. When she's feeling really serious about something, however, she often puts it up in a ponytail. She has this ill-conceived notion that it makes her look tougher, though it actually has the affect of making her cuter. All in all, she doesn't always appear to be the age she actually is, in spite of her height. Some people mistake her for a tall 13-year-old, something that sets off her short temper very quickly.

Elina has a rather lax sense of fashion. Her outfit consists of baggy jeans, held to her thin waist by a chain belt, with a black tanktop underneath a dark red, short jacket, the ends of which are cut off just below her breasts. On her feet are black combat boots, with the ends of her pants pulled down around their tops, and on her wrists are a variety of hair bands in wild colors. On her back pocket is an iron-on patch in the shape of a Togepi's triangular marking, only black. A leather pocket is connected to her belt, and in it are her two Pokeballs. On her shoulders, under her clothes, are tiny marks that look remarkably like Latias's wings.

Personality: Elina is hot-headed and hard to get along with, to say the least. That doesn't mean that she's not a good girl at heart, which she is, in spite of her tough-girl appearance, but she doesn't make friends easily, and those she does make learn quickly to watch what they say so as not to set off her temper. She is touchy about her looks, and does her best to come off as "cool" rather than "cute". She hates being called that and, in her mind, believes she is being looked down upon. She can't stand letting anyone do anything for her, and she always tries to do everything herself. She rarely asks for help or advice, and she often gets into trouble because of it.

In spite of all of the negative, she does have some good qualities. She has a strong sense of justice, and she can't abandon anyone who is in trouble. She'll do whatever she can to help out someone in need, even if she won't let someone else help her out. She cares deeply for all Pokemon, especially her own, and she would never do anything to hurt one (well, outside of a battle, anyway). She may not get along very well with people, and she may find incompetent people to be insufferable, but she is very kind, in her own way.

Bio:Elina developed her love of Pokemon from a very young age. Her parents had died in an accident when she was very young, and so she went to live with her grandparents, who owned a Pokemon Day Care in Kanto just outside Pallet Town. As a young child, and even as she grew older, Elina helped them to care for the smaller, younger Pokemon, and she developed a love for all Pokemon as a result. Around the time she turned ten, her grandparents gave her an egg that had been left with them by a trainer who didn't have the time to care for it. Elina was overjoyed to have a Pokemon of her own, and when the egg hatched into a Togepi, she named it Infinity, because it was her belief that their friendship would last that many years. Infinity remained as a baby for about a year before finally evolving, not because she did not love Elina, but out of lack of maturity. When she did evolve, she immediately began helping out around the Daycare as well.

When Elina turned twelve, her grandparents urged her to leave and explore as a Pokemon trainer. She took some convincing, as she loved the Daycare very much, but she and Infinity did ultimately leave to begin traveling. Elina soon found that the career of a trainer did not appeal to her. She didn't like battling, and neither did Infinity, so the two of them avoided it. Instead, they simply traveled, attempting to see everything they possibly could in Kanto. During this time, Elina didn't catch many Pokemon. The only one that joined her was a Zubat she found injured and nursed back to health, which then decided to stay with her. Because of the fact that he seemed to be such a polar opposite of Infinity in appearance, Elina named him Zero.

As the three traveled and Elina grew older, her personality turned more and more outgoing. When she was fifteen, however, she was forced to rush back home to the Daycare because her grandfather was dying. He passed in his sleep, but it was still a difficult time for her. He had been like her father, and to lose him was heartwrenching. What was worse was that her grandmother's health deteriorated soon afterwards, and she died within six months of her husband. Suddenly feeling very alone, Elina's personality changed. She came to the point where she hated to depend on anyone, and she pushed others away. The truth was, she was afraid of losing them, and the pain that came with it. The only living things she confided in were Infinity and Zero.

And then, when she had been considering traveling into Johto, she met a girl in Saffron.

She had seemed a little odd, and very lost. Without really meaning to, Elina walked up to her and asked if she needed help. The girl only nodded, never speaking, and Elina began to lead her around Saffron, trying to find out where it was she needed to go. In spite of the fact that the girl seemed to be leading her around in circles, and that she never talked, Elina tried to stay patient, but when the girl led her out of Saffron completely, Elina blew her top. The girl only laughed silently at her angry outburst, and then... changed. With a shock, Elina discovered that the "girl" was no girl at all, but in fact Latias. The Legendary explained to her the current situation that the Legendaries were in, and then she dropped the bombshell—after a great deal of searching, she had finally decided that Elina would be the one to replace here. Elina tried to argue, but Latias would hear nothing of it, saying that only Elina could truly do the job correctly. Elina finally accepted her fate, rather grudgingly, and Latias once again transformed into a girl. The two were going to board the train to Johto to try and meet the other Legends when the fighting began. Latias could only relay what was happening to Elina via telepathy until, finally, Latios died as well. With her pair gone, Latias could not hold out much longer. She explained the situation to Elina and told her to hide until she came into her powers, and then... Latias died as well.

Elina took Latias's sudden death hard. She secluded herself, both shocked and horrified by what had happened and contemplating her future. She did use her first transformation to properly explain things to Infinity and Zero, but they both had the same idea. The three of them were like family, and, regardless of the fact that Elina was becoming a Pokemon, they would always remain that way. They might not be able to follow her everywhere, but they were stay with her as long as they could. For that, Elina was glad.

From that point on, Elina did her best to simply live as she was before. Sure, she was developing new and strange psychic powers, but she could live with that for now. She secretly looked for the other Legends, but, from what news had come to Kanto from Johto, it was too dangerous to go looking for them there. Instead, she did her best to wait and hope that at least some of them would survive to cross into Kanto. Oddly, she wanted desperately to meet Latios. She couldn't explain the feeling herself, only that the longer time went on, the more she wanted to know who he was. She could only guess that it had something to do with the bond between Latias and Latios, but she couldn't actively search for them yet. She did her best to be patient for three long months, and it finally paid off.

Pokemon Team:

Infinity the Togekiss

Zero the Crobat

Other: Unless Mewcario wants her to have more transformations, Elina currently has only transformed once because she did not want to run the risk of being seen. As far as telepathy goes, she can only read the surface thoughts of those around her. The plus side to this is that she can read her Pokemon's thoughts, and can now easily communicate with them.

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