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Default Re: Rebirth: Legendary War (SU)

Player: Charizard Michelle
Character Name: XD^2 452 "Midori" (Mina Advent)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Legendary: Celebi
Appearance: Based Appearance
Midori's once peach color skin has now become a grayish purple color due to the intense experimentation and transformation into her shadow self. Surrounding her red eyes are red rings that have a similar resemblance to the black rings that could be found on a Celebi. A pair of red ovals could be seen on Midori's back which resembles another feature of a Celebi which are it's wings. This seem to be Midori's connection to her Legendary self that was brought out by the process to make Midori one of the Shadow Lengedary Projects that the Johto Government has force her though. The lively orange color hair that Midori once had as Mina has taken a darker tone as it turned into a darker orange color that better match the darker skin tone of the young woman.

Midori tends to mostly wear Johto Military grabs which includes gray sweat pants and a tight tanktop. Though over the tanktop would be a black hoodie where the patch of the Johto Miltary was ripped off due to the color green that is part of the Johto Military emblem.
Personality: Mina was consider a very considerate person. She had a deep care for pokemon due to her upbringing and is consider very honest. She was consider a well rounded person that would be happy to serve others as long as it was for a good cause.

Though that all seem to change once Mina was force to undergo the process that the Johto Military force upon her. This caring personality was closed up along with her heart as she became cold. Harsh honestly came along with a sharp tongue that wields insults as her power has driven her mad. A feeling of superiority clouds her mind due to the amount of power that she can feel running though her body. Though one of the few things that would anger here would be the color green as it seems to awaken something within her.
Bio:Mina was raised in Azalea Town where she was close enough to visit her grandparents that ran the famous Daycare Center of Johto. As a young girl she would visit the day care center to play with the pokemon that her grandparents were trusted with. The trip to visit her grandparents may seem troublesome due to the fact that Mina had to travel though Ilex Forest, she always enjoy the trip since it gave her the opportunity to see many of the pokemon that lived within the forest.

As Mina grew older, her love for pokemon did too. As other children had dreams of training pokemon and becoming future pokemon masters. Mina was having dreams of caring for the dozens of pokemon that she would cross paths with and eventually take over the Day Care Center. The only reason she even agree to go on a traditional pokemon journey that was taken at the age of ten was to learn more about how to treat different pokemon. Still this journey opened up Mina's eyes as she saw that not all pokemon that needed care were the ones that resided within the Day Care Center that was ran by her grandparents but were pokemon that lived in the wild. She saw that there were many different types of pokemon that needed different types of treatments. The whole world was brought to Mina's attention and she realize that if she wanted to help all pokemon that the Day Care Center her grandparents ran was too small for such a job. Pokemon owned by trainers always had their own trainers to care for them but pokemon in the wild had to fend for themselves if they were injured.

Mina eventually decided that it would be best to attend Goldenrod University in order to gain a degree in Pokemon Nursing and join the Pokemon Rangers. She wanted to gain experience in caring for pokemon in the wild and eventually start up a Pokemon Shelter that would care for pokemon found in the wild. This may have been a far off dream but it was one that Mina wanted to work for. It may take her many years to fulfill but she was willing to wait.

While traveling though Ilex Forest to visit her parents in Azelea Town with Knight the Quilava, her first pokemon that she kept when joining the training to become a Pokemon Ranger. Though this trip was different as she was hearing a small cry within the forest. She looked around for the source of the crying but found nothing. Still she was determine to find out if it was a pokemon in need of help. She search throughout the forest and was eventually lead though a heavy overgrown area of Ilex Forest. It was there that Mina had met Celebi, the Legendary Time Travel Pokemon known as the Guardian of the Forest. The green fairy Pokemon was laying on the ground and bleeding. Mina at once ran to it's aid and began to treat it. She knew that it could be risky taking it to a Pokemon Center since she knew that some of the wounds on the pokemon needed immediate treatment. She did her best to treat the pokemon but it felt like a force was keeping it from healing. Still this didn't stop her from keep trying till eventually she, Knight and Celebi were covered in a green light. Once the light had subsided, the Celebit was fully healed. It was touched my Mina's kindness and had decided to appoint her it's successor. Celebi had explain the predicament that the Legendary Pokemon of the world were undergoing and that what Mina had underwent was a test to see if she had the kindness needed to be the Guardian of the Forest.

Mina was unsure if she wanted to be such a thing. On one hand she would have to abandon her family but on the other hand this was the best way help pokemon. As the Guardian of the Forest she could go to any location where a hurt Pokemon was and heal them with her light. It was an opportunity that Mina could pass up as she agreed to the deal. Once this was settle, Mina found herself traveling though the time stream as Celebi transported and lead into the deep chambers of the Ruins of Alpha. It was there that Mina took up the mantle to become the future Celebi.

Though not all went well as the Johto Government were hot on their tails. The ruins were under siege as they try to gather up some of the Legendaries and partners. Celebi demanded that Mina should escape as it would stay behind and fed off the government forces. Though the cries of the Legendary Pokemon kept her from moving too far. She was eventually captured and taken to the laboratories of the Johto Government. It was there that she was force into torture and pain that caused her nightmares. The tried to subject her to the treatment of the Shadow Pokemon Project but were unable to close off her heart completely. Mina's love for pokemon was holding her off. Still the Johto Government and Military were determine to have the power of Celebi under their control. Eventually they found her weak spot and brought forth Mina's quilava. Mina cried that the don't do anything to Knight. That he was just a loyal pokemon that supported her throughout her life. Though that didn't stop government officials from doing what they were going to do. Before Mina's eyes, they willing killed Knight. The blood of the flame pokemon flew everywhere and landed on the face of Mina. She could feel the warm blood on her face as it ran down her body and stain her clothes. Though the stains ran deep as they hit her mind and broken it. The effects of the chemicals used to create the Shadow Pokemon overtook her mind and twisted it thus shutting off her compassion for pokemon. It made her loving and serving personality shut off deep inside her heart as the cold locks wrapped around it. That instance made her one of the weapons of the Johto Military as her body was filled with intense power. The want to help and serve others was replace with the idea of being superior to others. Though this didn't stop her from following the orders given to her.

The disappearance of Mina had raised some flags with her family and friends. Though this wasn't something that worried the government since they knew very well where she was. Still it was clear that Mina was dead and the government made sure to make it seem as if Mina had several an accident while traveling though Ilex Forest. It made people sad to see such a loving girl die but Mina didn't care. By then she had taken the name Midori as she was now on the hunt for the others that were like her.
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