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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White

Originally Posted by Deoxys Ribonuke View Post
Yes, I think you've pretty much pegged the sunfish inspiration for Mamanbou. Though there may also be a bit of cupid in there, due to the wing-ness of the...wings. ^^; Seriously, if that thing ISN'T a Luvdic evo, I will be very disappointed in Gamefreak for its lack of diversity.

I really don't know about Gigaiasu though; true, it may have the same colors, but the body shape is dramatically different. Maybe if someone hypothesized its creative basis, I.E. a quadrupedal statue with a big nose or something, it'd make more sense.

I myself? I buy both versions so that I get a chance to play through the storyline again without deleting my savefile on the other game. First, though, I'd probably play White because of Zekrom, and trade for Gothiselle (Gochizeru, yadaya. Whatever she'll be called, I <33333333333333333 her and her blasť expression!)

Now here is where I would like to express a bit of disappointment...

Clearly, Reshiram and Zekrom are based off of the concepts of Yin and Ying, being called the "Yang Dragon" and "Yin Dragon" Pokemon respectively. Those of you familiar with Yin and Yang will know that Yin represents "negative, dark, cool, passive, female" energy, whereas Yang represents "positive, light, warm, active, male" energy.

I would've though this would be awesome if Nintendo had paid careful attention to all of these virtues, but judging from Zekrom's broad chest and manly pectorals...*sigh*, I guess they won't.

Nintendo, when are you going to learn that it's not just Shounen, gender-role-hammered youths of Japan you're marketing for, but the entire WORLD? I mean, you make Pokemon like Gallade male-only, yet you leave Pokemon like Gardevoir to be, not only able to be male, but 50% chance of being male? The least you could do is FOLLOW your definition of gender-correctness. *sighs again as she climbs down from her soapbox* Sorry, being an advocate for more kickbutt female characters and a general exponent of Japanese anime, this topic is very sensitive to me. Especially in the realm of a series that I've followed closely for over 11 years of my life. ^^;;

Despite this, I'm very excited about the games coming out! I can't wait to see what Pokemon await us and be able to plan my roster!
Yeah. That'd be odd if it wasn't an evolution. And the other one might not be an evolution of Nosepass, but hey - it should get a pure Rock evolution.

And, uh...Well, Nintendo screwed up its definition of "genders" a long time ago.

R/B/Y/G/S/C/R/S/E Mr. Mime - Male only

D/P/Pl Mr. Mime - 50% chance of being female

See what I mean? Mr. Mime. Female. *Shudders* That poor, poor, gender confused kid that comes across this...

And I dunno. I can kinda see Zekrom being female >.>
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