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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White

Originally Posted by Grassy_Aggron View Post
Yeah. That'd be odd if it wasn't an evolution. And the other one might not be an evolution of Nosepass, but hey - it should get a pure Rock evolution.

And, uh...Well, Nintendo screwed up its definition of "genders" a long time ago.

R/B/Y/G/S/C/R/S/E Mr. Mime - Male only

D/P/Pl Mr. Mime - 50% chance of being female

See what I mean? Mr. Mime. Female. *Shudders* That poor, poor, gender confused kid that comes across this...

And I dunno. I can kinda see Zekrom being female >.>
We can only hope for a Mrs. Mime evo. Maybe it'll get some controversy like Jynx did, but that would be some long due controversy and Nintendo would be like "Well it wasn't a problem back then, why is it nao?!!" I think they shouldn't make too many evos of older Pokemon and make new, more original Pokemon.

BTW guys, expect a new legendary tonight.
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