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Default Re: Rebirth: Legendary War (SU)

Player: Tokyokit (Please, call me Tokyo)
Character Name: Lunar Lana
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Legendary: Giratina (Yes, even I am amazed that Giratina picked a girl)
Appearance: Before third time changing into Giratina
After third time (Altered)
In Giratina's origin form, she mainly looks like herself with golden yellow hail,in a crown like Giratina's. She has about 8 black vine-like-things shooting out of he back, much like her wings do in her Altered form, and she has red spikes on the tips. Her eyes are now bright blue, and her shoes are turning darker, a more red on the bottom. She soon gets a long scar down her left cheek.
Personality: Lunar is calm for the most part, but loses focus easily. This is why she gets annoyed, and goes on a rampage. She does not believe in the words 'give up' or anything containing that. she is kind to those who she trusts, and actually pretty calm once you get to know her. She spaces off a lot and loves Dragon and Ghost types. If you are on her bad side, she would do what Giratina did to Shaymin, but even worse. She thinks that most kids under the age of 10 are stupid, and should not be here on Earth.

She likes battling and wouldn't turn down a fight. She fights much like champion Lance, but cannot beat him. She acts like Whitney at the times of defeat, and prides victory. What she does not know is that her own sister is currently trying to hunt her down, but not for long. She usually uses Extreme speed as a first attack, and wouldn't dare hurt a Dragon type Pokemon. Well, unless they were being pain-in-the-butt's. Than she would fight them to the death, but always ends up crying over either defeat or victory, so some might call her a strange Legend human. She acts almost nothing like Giratina, but her anger is a perfect 100% same thing as Giratina's. It is hard for her to contain anger, to. She usually starts throwing Draco meters around, or large sticks and rocks.
Lunar grew up forever in Sinnoh, and heard many legends of Giratina, Shaymin, an the lake trio. She grew up in Snowpoint city for the most part, and ran away when she was 8. She lived at a special school for kids who had ran away from home for one reason or another, and learned about Pokemon here. She thought these things were only in myths, but the myths were true. She started school in Dragon type class and thus, got a Dratini with Extreme speed. She cared deeply for this little creature, and it cared for her. The staff, headmistress and her classmates saw these actions, and sent her off to a place with a small waterfall. She was pleasantly surprised to see Gyarados, Magikarp, and one unknown Pokemon there. All, except for the stupid Magikarps, were dragon types. Was she in Sinnoh's dragon lair or what? She easily made friends with the Gyarados and unknown Pokemon, Dragonair. When she had gotten back, however, everyone was going insane. They said that Cyrus was stupid, and few agreed with Cyrus! I myself did not agree, along with most of them. Most of the teachers except for Mrs. Trinya were with Cyrus, which surprised me. Soon I saw what happened.

I soon stopped going to this school, mainly because I didn't like it being taken over by Cyrus every weekend. All I had was my Dartini, my Pink Panther sunglasses, my Girls BMX, food and water, and some Apricorns. I was almost hopeless. In the wild, I was probably not going to survive. But Soon I remembered Sinnoh's Dragon Lair. I biked back to this place, and the Pokemon were going haywire. I saw a few Tailows, which never trespassed into this land, flying above one of the Dragonair. It looked really tired out, and I noticed what they were after. They were after the already-fainted Dratini next to it. I jumped in, splashing every Pokemon within two or three feet, and one drop got in a tailows eye. The taillow dropped, and I checked my backpack. I still had five Pokeballs and a Pokedex and a poketch. I threw the Pokeball and the Dragonair gr abed the Pokeball before it hit the water, and bring it to me, a thanks for saving it's friend. I let my Dratini out and it started to play with the other dragon types.

Someone found me here, and took me and my things away, forgetting my Dratini. I knew who this was, it was my older sister, Maria.

"Wait! I need to get Sapphire!!!" I cried, my badish grammar spilling out.

"It's to late to find your friend now. But you can get it tomorrow. Now go to bed, I'll lead you to your room" Maria said, dragging me to my room, my taillow flying around me. It was a trained hunter, all right. It knew that I didn't like my sister. I was 13 at this point, and I did not need my sister to boss me around.

The next day, I ran away again will all of my stuff. I let my sister keep Taillow, and I soon found my Dratini. I returned it, a red light going around her, and smiled. A Swallow than pecked me, and a Dragonair friend of mine hyper beamed it. I threw a Pokeball at it, and almost didn't capture it. I threw at least two Pokeballs at it and it worked. I soon noticed that my sister would keep Taillow, and I got Swellow. I waved to the Pokemon and came back again two years later, after I caught a Bagon, evolved Dratini, and evolved the Bagon twice, and gave my Dragonair an everstone.

I came back to this place, riding on my Salemence's back. He was hard to train within those two years, but heck, was it worth it! I now had two dragons and one other-ish Pokemon. I saw a spiral shoot out of the sea and a strange Ghost-and-Dragon Pokemon came out. I knew this one from the Myths, it was the Legendary Giratina. I stepped up to the water and released my Dragonair. It looked up at the Giratina and shook the Pink Panther sunglasses off. Yes, I now knew who got into my bag last night.

"Giratina..." was truly all I could say.

"Lunar, I have seen you and your Pokemon around these parts a lot. You helped out a Dragonair, and now you have one of her daughters. You deserve for it to have Extremespeed. Anyway, Cyrus has gone mad, and sort of put us Legends in grave danger. I would like you to be my second self, because I am sure Pokemon, at least the legends, otherwise would be gone forever." Giratina spoke English, yet had a hard time speaking it.

I nodded. There was no way I couldn't take on a challenge like this, so I said, "I accept."

And thus, I never saw my family again, just my Pokemon and glimpses of my sister at times. I was a legend human.

Pokemon Team:
Saphire, Shiny female Dragonair
Adamant nature, likes spicy, dislikes dry
Shed skin ability
Attacks: Extremespeed, Hyper beam, Blizzard, Draco meteor
Opal, female Swellow
Sitrus berry
Hasty nature, likes sweet, dislikes sour
Guts ability
Attacks: Aerial ace, Air slash, Brave bird, Sky attack
Duncan, male Salamence
Jolly nature, likes sweet, dislikes dry
Intimidate ability
Attacks: Dragon claw, Fire fang, Outrage, Shadow ball
Other: I smell Tardis trouble.

Reserve, I know it's from the old one, but I'm re-doing it.
I'm alive! -coughnotcough-
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