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Default Re: Pokemon XD Graphics.

Originally Posted by Operative View Post
Eh, the plot. It's probably the ONLY pokemon game with a plot, anyways. Even though I got tired of fighting the same people with different hair colour over and over again. Not to mention it got overly repetitive when you'd run around a building and they'd appear out of nowhere.

Well. I won't say I'm a HUGE fan of the maps, but they were nice compared to Colloseums. But, they were still unbelievably small and could have been much larger. :P
True, but there were some trainers that were just like the ones on the handheld versions where they had an exclamation mark pop up over their head and they walk up to you. If they'd make the maps bigger, have some elements relating to the classics, and bring in some new gameplay from being in 3-D then it could become a good 3DS game.
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