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Default Re: Rebirth: Legendary War (SU)


Player: Lusankya
Character Name: James Bevacizumab
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Legendary: Palkia
Appearance: Clicky
James is a 6’2 young man with bottom-of-ear length black hair and eyes colored deep blue. His facial features are sharp and poignant, and tend to be easily remembered. Although lightly-built, thin and rather scrawny, he still has a decent amount of muscle on his body and is fairly athletic, though far from a real athlete. His skin is pale and smooth, lacking any sort of freckles, moles, or scars. His hands are rather spidery, with long, thin fingers giving them a delicate appearance. Typically, he will wear a simple T-shirt and pants with black sneakers, with little care for fashion. Left-handed, he wears a silver ring on his pointer finger, on which the numbers “3.1415926535” are inscribed.

Personality: James has been described as “detached” by people who are polite and “emotionally dead” by those who aren’t. Although perfectly capable of maintaining a friendly, pleasant exterior to win the approval of those around him and get by appearing perfectly normal, in his more private life James is typically wears a blank, indifferent face regardless of what happens around him. Nothing really gets through his exterior; the world stops at his skin. Nonetheless, only his mother is really aware of this, as James has become highly proficient at acting like a normal, personable human being. In social life he is average and has several friends whom he hangs with. Despite the friendship, however, James remains surprisingly ambivalent towards them at home. The exception of his relationships is to his parents, with whom he possesses a more traditional love.

On the inside, James does a lot of thinking. He is very quick to make judgments, even if he doesn’t have much information to base them on, but he is open-minded and quick to revising those judgments when evidence is presented to him that contradicts his beliefs. He is not very expressive about his own opinions, however, and keeps them mostly to himself. James is very logical and disapproves of judgments or actions based on emotions. He used to spend a lot of time analyzing people, and still does occasionally, but is quite bad at understanding them and so gave up. Math, naturally, is his strongest subject.

A very “go-with-the-flow” person, James can become used to just about any kind of lifestyle. There is not much he likes, be it people, food, or activities (though he plays a lot of video games), but at the same time, not much he dislikes, with the sole exception of poetry of any kind. Because he’s not very driven and rarely knows what he actually wants to do, he tends to follow other people and do what they do.


James Bevacizumab was born and raised in a middle-class suburb of Goldenrod city. His father was a mechanical engineer who designed Pokeballs, and his mother worked for an automobile repair company who specialized in truck. From an early age James never seemed to like being around other children, playing with them if they were around, but never going out and meeting new people. Although this worried his mother a great deal, his father seemed ironically ambivalent about it, just as his son was ambivalent about everything.

In school James did okay, breezing through the hardest math and science courses, though only managing an above-average record through English, with his lowest grade being a C in Psychology. He played soccer for his high school but was decidedly average. Outside of school, he spent most of his time at home, either on the computer or playing video games, always going out when people invited him but rarely inviting them into his home in return.

Then, in his first year of college, tragedy struck. His father was run over by a truck carrying a shipment of Pokeballs. From his own perception, James has only had two events in his life that made him feel a powerful emotion. It was the first time since he was an infant that he shed a tear. The cause was pronounced to be a brake failure on the part of the truck. The event hit his mother particularly hard; she had been working on that very same truck and had pronounced it fixed only a week before. Perhaps due to her manager’s compassion, she didn’t lose her job over the accident despite expecting it.

To pay for college now that his family was down to a third of its income, James took a job fixing computers, which mostly consisted of teaching old people to do very simple things like the right way to insert a CD into a disk drive, or where to find the power button. It was right before he was about to finally graduate, however, that James experienced the second great emotion of his life: surprise.

It happened on one winter day strolling through downtown Goldenrod, looking to buy some new games. A large bus made a turn too tightly and started sliding sideways down the road. Standing in the middle of its path with less than a second before impact, James had just enough time to wonder whether his father had felt like that before dying when the bus sailed off in the same direction it came from, still sliding sideways before finally coming to a stop halfway down the block.

That of course, was Palkia’s doing. So when James went back home to his apartment and opened the door, inside was a parallel dimension where the Legendary of Space told him of the situation. James, being the person he was, said yes.

After the event, James did as Palkia suggested and abandoned any plans he had to try and gather up some Pokemon for the coming battle…

Pokemon Team: Ariados, Quilava, Froslass
Other: I understood you as saying that only people in the last RP must have transformed, so I’m going to say that James has no transformations. If I read you wrong, please say so. Also, you also said that characters can control their Legendary’s associated power somewhat in their human form, so is it okay for James to have some control over space?

Also, DE, Neo, I'm probably going to party with you a lot due to being my favorite Pokemon <3

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