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Default Part 2: Slowpokes, Scyther and Bayleef

By the way, as this is a "story" of some kind, I assume that the multi-posting is allowed? A mod can tell me otherwise if they want.

Okay, it's time for the second part in this adventure, and this was definitely the most excruciatingly long, back-and-forth chapter I've had in a long time. Basically, after where we left off, Floppy was level 14. After challenging a few trainers on Route 32, I decided to go back to get Flash. It took me a few go's, but it worked in the end. HM Flash was mine!

Due to the amount of Rock-Type trainers, it took me a while to get through Union Cave, but I prevailed in the end, after skipping two of them.

I skipped a few people before coming back to them later.

I headed straight to the well, and completed it with relative ease - a bit of confusion stalled me, but that was about it, to be honest. Everyone got their Slowpokes back.

Kurt get's his Slowpoke back.

And now, for the back and forthness. Magikarp was nowhere near powerful enough to beat Bugsy's Scyther, so I had to repeatedly battle his Metapod and Kakuna to steadily level up. After a lucky miss or two, I managed to overcome him and got myself the Hive Badge. Next up was Red, which was when I realized the first major mistakes I had made in this run; I had chosen Totodile. This meant that I had to face Bayleef, and it kept OHKOing me with Razor Leaf. It was then, however, when I got a plan sorted out.

The only move I had that could defeat Gastly was Struggle, and that wasn't nearly powerful enough to kill the leaf Pokémon. It was then I thought of getting it on the verge of level 30, so that when Floppy defeated Gastly with Struggle, it would level up and learn Flail. This nearly worked; I got it down to low health, but it just kept KOing me. Gameboy off, gameboy on. It was then that I remembered about X-Attacks. I boosted myself to full health using Potions, as to keep Struggle and then when facing Gastly used 4 X-Attacks and 2 X-Defends. It did the job easily!

Getting here took much longer than expected.

Current Stats - Magikarp (Floppy), Female lvl 30. Current location - Ilex Forest. Badges: 2

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