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Default Part 3: A better than NORMAL time!

Wow... that was fast!

Okay guys, I'm back again after beating Whitney. It was quite simple, but first I battled every trainer I could find in the routes leading up to Goldenrod, and the ones just before Sudowoodo.

Into the big city...

So I got past all the gym trainers without going back to the Pokécenter. However, I tried to get some good Flail damage on Miltank, after beating Clefairy, and... you guessed it, I died.

Determined to fight back, I went to the Pokémart and tried to do the X-Attack method. I won easily.

Sweet and easy.

Then, I raced to Sudowoodo, found the girls sister, and then fought it. And lost.

Don't worry. I don't need it.

But nevermind, that's where I'm up to as of now, and I face my biggest challenge so far- Ecruteak!


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