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Along with some other shiat

Originally Posted by Hoshika View Post
I thought I might as well ask for some criticism from people.

Don't mind the blue dot.
This is really good, actually. I love the concept, and since you scratched it that gets you respect from a person like me, who absolutely hates complete scratches and has only made 1 or 2 things as good as this. The colors are nice, and it's overall really cute.

Looking at it, the 3 orbs on the left side of the sprite look a bit octagonal. Even though it's rather hard (maybe impossible? i dunno) to make a perfect circle, for some reason it really stood out to me. The glow around those 2 orbs accentuates the straight lines of it too, imo.

I don't know if this is meant to be Pokemon-style or not, so kill me if this is an invalid comment- there's no black in the sprite outline. However, seeing as you were able to scratch something like this with it looking quite professional means that this was probably a decision of yours.

FigaraShark's comment on the horns is rather true, actually. On top of what he said, I can't help but think of Cleffa when i see the horns, which isn't necessarily bad, but to me it seems a bit unoriginal. Looking at the head without the horns, it looks a bit bland, but i would suggest removing them.

However, I quite like the 2 string things actually. But that's just my opinion. xD

On the right sprite coloration, the body outline on the left side looks a bit too... bright or thick. Or both, actually.

The body looks... well, square, lawl. Blatantly said.

Um, what else? I guess that's it, actually. It's sprited really well, not much to pick at.

Originally Posted by Woodchuck View Post
First scratch sprite in quite a while.


For all intents and purposes, I suppose it's "finished", but I'll probably be making some edits to it. The shading on the cloak bugs me, and I'm not sure I like the angle of the fire. All in all, though, I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out.

So, comment, crit. Whatever you like. :]
Another scratch spriter, wow. Again, a great sprite. It actually looked pretty bad to me in the beginning, then when I zoomed into it it suddenly became much clearer to me. Anyways, firstly the lineart seems to be fine, but the small open space between the two sides of the cape at the bottom looks kinda flat and unrealistic to me.

The shading on the cape is hard to see, though it IS supposed to be a dark, spooky color. In fact, I couldn't tell the difference at first.

The fire on the top right looks a bit wierd also when zoomed out. Maybe increase the orange color by a bit.

I agree with you on the angle of the fire, too. Well, not really actually. I'd change the angle of the MASK rather than the angle of the fire. The twisted head would portray the ghost type nicely.

What else. Uh, I guess that the way the cloak falls reminds me of Cherrim, which isn't good or bad really. Just felt like telling you that. xD

Uh.... wellcrap. Thanks a lot, you've given me nothing else to say. Nice sprite and all that.

Originally Posted by Gaygar rocks View Post
i think is great tough only the blue thibgys on her paws look a bit of blurry to me

also nobody crit on me so i will post them again

The Electric Brothers:::
The Electric brothers are complete copy-paste jobs, so I can't say much again. It's just an Electrode with a few small edits pasted onto a Machop(?) body with geodude arms on it. I guess that that's fine and all, it looks kinda funny and cool. The concept can definitely go further, too. So all in all i liked it quite a bit.

I guess that the main problem is the copy-pasty ness of the head onto the body. Just make the parts blend a bit instead of making them look like they were pasted on top of eachother in some grotesque fashion.

That's all i have to say, really. Hopefully my first post didn't make me look like a complete idiot.
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