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Default Re: General Spriter's Showcase

Originally Posted by -Amorphous View Post

The Electric brothers are complete copy-paste jobs, so I can't say much again. It's just an Electrode with a few small edits pasted onto a Machop(?) body with geodude arms on it. I guess that that's fine and all, it looks kinda funny and cool. The concept can definitely go further, too. So all in all i liked it quite a bit.

I guess that the main problem is the copy-pasty ness of the head onto the body. Just make the parts blend a bit instead of making them look like they were pasted on top of eachother in some grotesque fashion.

That's all i have to say, really. Hopefully my first post didn't make me look like a complete idiot.
hey i have bettered my electric brothers i hope you like it now i have also give the eyes more shadow so the antenna light i have blended the head with the body i hope you like it this way
this is how it was before editing

and this is it now after the editing

and i have also made an jigglypuff rainbow glow
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