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Default Re: General Spriter's Showcase

Firaga Shark: Thanks for your feedback.
Ohh...that silly little area at the bottom-left, I see what you mean. I actually never bothered to see how it looked when zoomed out. But, yeah, I definitely see your point, and i fixed it.
It was actually just supposed to be a little area that sticks out a little bit--like as if part of the "goo"-like substance is sitting on a flat surface and is reaching out due to the fact that it's a little mooshed down.
But, it looks better without it, so thanks for bringing that to my attention. ^^

Actually, there's a bit of a story to the color. See, lately I made these custom type icons based on the ones from the Pokemon games (you can see them in my gallery--however, now I've changed the text to be the lightest color instead of the darkest so they can be seen better, and they look much, much better now, despite the fact that I haven't really posted them up yet. xD; ); and, for some reason, they inspired me to make the basic set of blobs to be based on the types from Pokemon. At first it was just two "evolutions" and both were just recolored according to the type. However, I later realized that would be rather boring and quite silly, so I sketched up designs for a third level for the blobs, and what they would look like according to their type.

The one I've posted up is the regular, default blob, based on the normal type. So, actually, yes, that one will stay as is--though, I'll be adding more types and whatnot in the near future.

Thanks for your feedback, once again. ^_^ The third blob looks a bit better now without that little quirk on the bottom corner.

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