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Default Re: [CrownLugia]Event Thread v1.2 + Birthday Charmander 2010!

Originally Posted by Sir Zephyrus View Post

Yeah right. Did you just download the .pkm files for all these and transfer them to your game with sendpkm? Unless i'm missing some major detail here, to get that many of the Crown Beasts entirely legitimately you would have had to have pre-ordered over 15 tickets to the pokemon movie.

I can only imagine you getting that many with the sendpkm method or you took part in one of the many /vp/ event giveaways, which I can confidently say aren't entirely legitimate either.
First of all I put all my pokemon info in Serebii.NET Calculators and check from there
Then I make .pkm files of my pokemon and check them
Also,I did not get all of my events by my own.
I got them from trades, so learn first then discuss.