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Default Re: War IX RP Discussion

Originally Posted by Galleon View Post

No, no, and already done. War is over, so anyone can join.

First two are both about PvE, and I don't want the RP to become like that, no matter what. I want conflict between people, RPers fighting against each other, not NPCs, because NPCs are never really very interesting or much of a threat. 'n besides, at this point, that'd just be pulling stuff out of our asses. And I've said that activity isn't a major concern. SLOW IS FINE, DAMMIT.

'n the reason I haven't posted yet, 'scuz I'm still freaking waiting on DE and/or Mikey to post again.
PvE isn't as bad as you think it is.

The RP could also use a few new plot developments also. Fighting over Jishen is betting a tad bit stale, sorry to say. I need new material to work with rather than trying to avenge a "not very interesting or threatening NPC." I don't mind trying to insert some new plot developments and I always have LOADS in mind, but if this RP isn't open to that kind of thing... well... it kind of feels like working with Pokemon that aren't allowed to level, evolve, or get new moves. I have some wild things in mind with yes, more NPCs, maybe some power acquisition, and so on.

Being open to change is actually good.

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