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Default Re: War IX RP Discussion

Originally Posted by Galleon View Post

No, no, and already done. War is over, so anyone can join.

First two are both about PvE, and I don't want the RP to become like that, no matter what. I want conflict between people, RPers fighting against each other, not NPCs, because NPCs are never really very interesting or much of a threat. 'n besides, at this point, that'd just be pulling stuff out of our asses. And I've said that activity isn't a major concern. SLOW IS FINE, DAMMIT.

'n the reason I haven't posted yet, 'scuz I'm still freaking waiting on DE and/or Mikey to post again.
But slow is also one step away from dead, and I don't think we have enough people to keep up a PvP environment. I also don't think we can count on new people joining, as they've probably avoided all the War RP threads since the thing started and won't be checking it out now. I honestly can only see a continued PvP RP leading to no RP at all. But hey, I've been wrong before.

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