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Default Re: War IX RP Discussion

Originally Posted by Galleon View Post

There are plenty of RPs that do PvE. This isn't one of them.

'n just so it's clear, being "open to change" doesn't mean agreeing with the first idea that everyone comes up with.
Having some PvE doesn't mean you need to completely stop doing PvP either. In fact, there are plenty of scenarios where a PvE situation could cause our three factions to have differences regarding what to do with them, which in turn fires up new causes for PvP situations (which is what I think this RP needs). There is also the possibility that this NPC faction finds a means to ally themselves with one of the factions, while the other two become the target. Since the other two won't stand for that, obviously new sources of conflict will arise.

As long as the NPC force is not ridiculously overwhelming, its not going to deviate all that much from the original course of the RP. But recycling reasons for the same conflicts is like recycling coffee grounds. :P

Originally Posted by Lusankya View Post
But slow is also one step away from dead, and I don't think we have enough people to keep up a PvP environment. I also don't think we can count on new people joining, as they've probably avoided all the War RP threads since the thing started and won't be checking it out now. I honestly can only see a continued PvP RP leading to no RP at all. But hey, I've been wrong before.
Yeah, I agree with you here. An RP that moves too slow tends to have people going elsewhere when they get impatient or believe the RP is dead. For example, Galleon may be waiting on DE and Mikey, but how does he know they haven't given up on it now that the War is done? I'm not saying they have, but if they did, he would be waiting endlessly.

And yeah, I don't see new people signing up for this. Not unless you start a new RP sign up thread, establish some kind of "Season 2" format that makes it clear you don't need to be in the War to join it, and keep things going from there with some new storyline and plot insertions. Think about it. If you weren't in the War, how exactly would you know its okay to sign up for this now?

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