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Default Re: Pe2k vs Pokebeach III : STILL Auditioning -

Originally Posted by Pride View Post
Fierce Deity vs. Pride
Dark Shadow Lord vs. The Assassin
Blue Jello vs. Limitless
Scuba Steevee vs. Gamercal
Void vs. CCloud
Dark Azelf vs. Bacon

Skippy The Great vs. dmaster
Bullet Puncher vs. Juliacoolo
Shiny Shuckle vs. dragonexpert
Moe2 vs. Lunar Wing
The Kid vs. Brawler

There we go. Good luck everyone and lets have some great matches.
I think I actually remember this person (vaguely) from my days of being over on PokeBeach. I suppose I should go over and pay dmaster a visit now, so we can scedual a time to battle.

I also occasionally do wifi battles.