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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising
It's an adoptable site that I've been working my butt-off on the past few days. Using MyAdopts as a host, you can adopt...blobs. Yup, bl0bs. However, I attempted to provide an okay explanation as to what they are and whatnot...but I may have to revamp it later on.

More features will be added as it gets more popular.

And, no, the bl0bs based on the 17 types from Pokemon are NOT the only types of bl0bs that will be available. I've just been working on the actual site so much that I haven't really had much time...

Anyways, the next addition is gonna be a bl0b set that changes according to the day of the week--and they're neon-like colors. For instance, Neon Pink is on Sunday, Neon Orange on Monday...etc.
However, who knows when this will be added...but it won't be long from now, not at all.
The thing I'm working on now is a custom cursor for the site. Why? Iunno.

However, I'm not planning on changing the CSS until I can either think of one and get someone to convert it to CSS for me, or if I can find a free one to use that compliments the site and whatnot.

Anyways, there's already quite a few features. Just click on the link--I don't think you'll be all that disappointed. At all.

...At least, I hope. ._.
I'm planning on making a shop-like-section that allows you to purchase certain items--even adoptable-obtaining ones.
As goes for the items NOT adoptable-related...I've still gotta think on 'em. >.<;
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