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Default Re: Rebirth: Legendary War (SU)

I decided on Heatran instead. xDD Mostly because I wanted a character that controlled fire, or at least heat. Yay.

Player: Draconic Espeon
Character Name: XD˛ 924 "Dante" (Daniel Firlong)
Age: 19
Legendary: Heatran

Appearance: Dante is pretty tall, standing at 6'2'', with a willowy figure. He was rather weak in the strength department until he underwent the experiments that made him into a Shadow Legendary. His skin is the same purplish-gray color as the other Shadow Legendaries, if with a tad more gray than usual. His eyes are crimson as well. His hair is cut somewhat long, reaching about halfway down his ears with sweeping bangs, and is dark red in color, making quite a contrast to his odd-colored skin. If you can get past that, he actually has a rather handsome face. Hidden under his clothes are patches of skin that are actually a lighter gray with no hint of purple in them. These patches he had before he was changed—they are the marks that declare him to be the next Heatran.

Dante's clothes are actually pretty elaborate, especially in comparison with the other Shadow Legends. He wears a slate gray trench coat, complete with a high collar and twin coat tails that hang behind him, their tips only inches above the ground. The sleeves of the coat are cut off where his arm starts, but reattached by strips of black leather held in place by silver snaps, allowing him to actually remove the sleeves if he so wishes. Regardless, there is a few inches of space between where the coat sleeves are cut off and where they actually begin. Under the jacket is a black tank top, tucked into his dark denim jeans. Around his waist is a black belt and on his feet are heavy black leather shoes. He also wears a necklace on a thick silver chain. The emblem, a steel replica of Heatran's head armor, hangs about halfway down his chest.

Personality: Dante isn't a particularly likeable person, even for a Shadow Legendary. He's a narcissist, and takes great pride in his own appearance. For this reason, he is loathe to actually take his Legendary form because he finds it to be hideous. He is also extremely short tempered and a little bipolar, to the point where his mood is subject to change at the drop of a dime. One minute, he could be laughing along with you, the next, he's trying to kill you because he thinks you're laughing at him. Any sort of comment about his appearance that is not positive, or that he thinks isn't positive, can set him off. In truth, though, he is actually a coward. Anyone who actually scares him he will follow without argument, and he has no interest in dying any time soon. He will gladly abandon his comrades if he thinks he'll be able to save himself.

He has little value for human life. He sees soldiers as pawns and shields he can use to take hits for him, and the human commanding officers as a necessary evil. If he wasn't being controlled, he'd likely try and kill the very people telling him what to do. He doesn't particularly like bending to authority, unless, again, that person scares him enough. In any other situation, he's almost overly confident, right up until things start going bad. That's when he bails and leaves everyone else to clean up his messes. As Heatran, he rather likes fire and especially explosions. The sound of something being blown apart puts him into an incredibly good mood, and he has even been known to burst into laughter. Exactly why he reacts that way is anyone's guess.

Bio: Dante, born Daniel Firlong, was the youngest of the three sons of an accomplished trainer. Naturally, his father expected all three of his sons to become even greater trainers than he was. Daniel's older brothers did excellent, but Daniel himself lacked the enthusiasm. He'd always been far more interested in books, and he found Pokemon training to be far too much work. He'd never particularly liked Pokemon, anyway. Even so, his father pressured him, trying to push him to do better, when Daniel wanted none of it. He quickly went from disliking Pokemon training to hating it, and, finally, just ran away.

His starter, a Charmander, ultimately abandoned him, and instead of returning home to more humiliation, Daniel wandered instead. The problem with this was that he now had no Pokemon, no money, no home, and, as he quickly found out, he was completely and totally lost. He ended up taking a refuge from a storm inside a mountain cave, and it was there that he met Heatran.

At first, he thought that he was going to die, and that was that. At least, until Heatran spoke to him, explaining the situation. Heatran told him that it had picked him specifically because he was so discontented with his life, and because he had often wished he could simply hide from the world. As Heatran, he could do exactly that, as long as he fulfilled his jobs as well. When it was explained like that, Daniel jumped at the chance to become Heatran. And so, with that decided, Heatran explained to Daniel where the first meeting would be, and how to best get there, since he didn't have the strength to leave his mountain.

Daniel, naturally, arrived late. He got to the Ruins of Alph just in time for the Johto military to attack. He tried to run, and got a fair distance away, until he felt Heatran die. He was momentarily paralyzed by the sudden loss, and that was long enough for him to be captured. He was transformed, and his generally pacifistic personality was changed with it. What had once been pride in his looks become out and out narcissism, and his emotions became unstable. He had lost the person he had been before.

For that reason, he abandoned his old name and took up a new one. He chose Dante, pulling it from Dante's Inferno. With his new love of fire, it certainly fit.

Other: Dante's power outside of his Heatran form is that he can control his body temperature. He is now naturally hotter than the average person, and he can further heat up portions of his body to incredibly high temperatures. He can only sustain them for a short amount of time, however. And, when he gets very angry, his whole body tends to heat up more than he could control it to. Oh, and:

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