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Default Re: Through the Eyes of a Flareon ~ [PG]

“Yes, greetings,” he hastily muttered, completely uninterested in me. I wasn’t fazed though. Not like I cared who he was.

“Dusty,” Zhol began, and my attention was completely drawn to her.

Yes, Zhol?” I responded overenthusiastically, nearing her suddenly. “My very helpful friend who I value greatly—what is it you want to inquire? A request? Would you like to...inform me of something?” I spun around, and for no reason twirled, turning back. “Enlighten me with your words oh-so-wise, friend! My ears welcome your words.”

The sneasel’s face was clouded with nothing but bewilderment as she stared, and the cubone just eyed me with disgust mingled with confusion. Silence increased our distance and began playing with my fur until I sighed and sent it scurrying off.

“Yes, I’m that strange. Anyway,” I continued, adjusting my tongue and sweeping the ground with my tail. “You were saying?”

“U-uhh...” Zhol glanced to her left at the cubone, then back to me. “Habib thinks that a tour would be a good idea for you,” she explained, and I nodded understandingly. A tour sounded good to me!

“Alright.” I took a breath, a smile crossing my face. “Okay! So where are you taking me first?” I inquired.
The two pokémon exchanged a silent sentence during their little eye contact session which I was completely excluded from, and before I could say anything, Zhol cleared her throat, her gaze choosing the ground before me. “ get you accustomed to living with the other residents of the colony, he thought that...someone else could take you.”

“Cupborn, you can call me,” the cubone insisted deliberately, “and I will be your guide.”

The awkward silence slipped between us once again, blushing and looking in the opposite direction so it, too, didn’t have to look the odd pause in the face. Our eyes flicked to one another, and I hardly knew what to think. I was just waiting for that convenient tumbleweed to roll right on by and trip up on a rock or two.
“ Dusty,” Zhol stated, holding out a paw in my direction.

“Zhol!” called the scyther suddenly from Habib’s home—which rested nearby.

“Coming,” the sneasel replied with less volume than the oversized bug had, and I blinked several times, finally realising she wouldn’t be accompanying me.

“W-wait! Zhol, where’re you going?”

“I’ve got to hunt with Shardclaw,” she informed, and my expression turned into a bitter sneer. She had to leave. Right now. I wasn’t exactly in the best mood, having just talked about my best friend who, only days ago, betrayed me, and having just found out that I would be shown around my new home by a haughty ground type. He had to be a ground type!

“Come on, flareon,” pushed the marowak pre-evolution, but I snorted at him.

“Zhol! They shouldn’t expect you to hunt when you only just got back!”

“Well, they do,” the dark and ice type answered, shrugging. She turned to leave, but stopped herself in time to draw her face close to mine. With a slightly pleading but amused look, she added, “And, Dusty... Play nice,” before she left in a blur that was no more than a dark figure zipping across the dirt.

“Was that supposed to be advice?” I asked myself, chuckling through my nose.

“Flareon!” snapped the small, brown pokémon.

“What?!” I snapped right back.

He narrowed his eyes and drew backwards. “We don’t have all day,” he growled.

“Thanks for the info,” I remarked with sarcasm that evidently stung. I trotted past him, watching as what I could see of his face grew a reddish tinge. It made me smirk.

“Immature fire type,” Cupborn uttered under his breath—but clearly too loudly.

“Over-confident cubone,” I retorted. Boy, it felt good to play his game.

“Shut up and follow me.” The agitated pokémon marched past me, and I rolled my eyes as I trailed.

My head hung as my tuft masked part of my face. My shoulders protruded with every step that pressed my paws against the ground, my tail hanging feebly. I wore embarrassment on my forehead as I passed a sunflora carrying hay walking ahead of one of the raticate who spoke to me earlier. Although the rat-like pokémon nodded as a friendly gesture, I could only wince half-heartedly in return and hope it looked somewhat comfortable.

“Greech; Hyso,” my tour guide named clearly (in the order I saw them, I imagine). He led me down and in the direction of that lake I avoided before, but he turned so the water was behind us. As I padded, I glanced ahead, noticing a vast plain where the pokémon had gathered to greet Larse. The fruit shed where I had crashed and woken up in not long ago was across the other side, near many trees. However, before we came near it, Cupborn halted abruptly and faced me. “This is the Den Row.”

After scowling as I nearly thudded into him, I threw my glance down the wide path to my left that bore assorted pokémon all with assorted intentions. There were only about five, but they were almost all of a different species. To both sides of the path were homes of different sizes and builds. Some resembled ones I saw back at the bibarel colony, and others looked totally different. I imagined that they were built with the type of the pokémon whose home it was in mind. For instance, normal and flying types would probably need more insulation than ice or fire types when it came to the cold; fire, rock and ground pokémon would have thicker rooves in case of rain, and so on. But I hadn’t ever seen a colony like this one which actually had houses. They greatly reminded me of human houses, although much less refined, and I’d always thought most wild pokémon (or from what I’d seen, anyway) would live in simple dens, hollows or nests. Turned out I was wrong.

He pointed out that to our right was the home belonging to Hyso and his family, and the one that started further up but on the left was where Greech and his family lived. Back to the right side again, nearly in line with Greech and his family’s house, was apparently a home which ‘Rentana’ and ‘Etire’ occupied...whoever they were. As we went on, he pointed out his house, and houses belonging to other assorted pokémon with random names.

I tuned out as I marvelled at the largest house of them all...which didn’t look much like a house. On ‘Den Row,’ I counted five homes in total running up the left side, and behind the two furthest away lay a rather big building. It appeared to have the strongest tree trunks and slabs of stone sewn into the walls, and by the looks of the outside, it had no windows...or entrances. Its west and north walls were not built, as they were instead the thick rock that bordered the west and north ends of the colony’s land. Once the left and right sides of the houses met at the end of the path where two connected dens sat, that was as far as the homes reached. Behind the connected dens was that stretching rock that continued off to the side, past a dense patch of trees which separated about a third of the colony’s land from the rest of it. I was in the larger part, from what I’d glimpsed, and the side containing the busiest pokémon and structures.

“Zhol,” he pointed out once we’d ventured to the end of the path. The homes this far up surrounded a small waterhole that stretched to my left, under someone’s hut, and onward under the huge building I had noticed before, the one with no windows. Zhol’s was one up from the house with the trail of water snaking underneath, and to the right of it, my right, was the direction Cupborn pointed his bone. “Aemara, her clinic, Tarla.” He began going down the right side now, mentioning who lived in the three homes before he would have repeated to tell me where ‘Renta’...or something...and Et...something lived—an early house mentioned on the tour.

“Uh-huh.” I blurted flatly. I threw him a look with my eyelids at half-mast. “You know I’m not gonna remember all this, or any of this, right?”

“Follow me through here,” he demanded without so much as a grunt in reply beforehand.

We walked back around the waterhole to brush between two homes on the right strip, leaving the large half of the land behind, and excused ourselves past some random trees, walking alongside the north rock bordering the territory and heading east, before edging the start of a sort of long grove of trees. They stretched on behind the right side of houses and then dipped in and stood guard at the entrance side of the fruit shack. Not that all this was important or anything. We avoided the trees, coming closer to the bordering rocky wall, but in front of it sat another two homes. One had been slightly out of my general line of sight where we had been standing previously (next to the waterhole), so I was almost surprised to see that, but the bigger one, which popped up right as we left the waterhole, was totally visible the whole time.

The cubone released three names, and then moved on to the one next door (with its entrance dipped into the trees). “This hut belongs to Yukra and Mosst,” he told me, as if expecting me to know who those pokémon were, and suddenly break out with an acknowledging noise which would tell him I just recalled their entire pasts and could present them to him on a silver platter.

‘This guy is unbelievable,’ I thought with a sour twist, huffing inwardly. But I went over the name, remembering that the heracross had been called ‘Yukra’ when he opened Habib’s door for him. “Ohh,” I muttered, a certain acknowledging tone to it. I then paused. ‘Huh. This guy’s good,’ I thought with a laugh.

We rounded the back of the house, and I tried to walk on my hind paws in order to see through a dislodged part of a log. I had no luck, my front paws thudding onto the earth. “Stupid...inconvenient...incapacitated...legs!” After passing the short side of the long stream of forest material, another site scurried into view. A rather...long and unexpected one.

A playground. A log that was propped onto a specially-carved stump creaked endlessly as a duo of pokémon – one on each end – weighed down one side at a time. As I was led towards it, I spotted mankey bars made from strong branches and tied together with what looked like rope, and other climbing structures of similar materials. A section of the playground was fenced off to hold a smallish pool barely my height in depth, and in a corner at the other end was a pit containing gritty sand.

Other features were incorporated into the long space in the land, but I became side-tracked as a large figure emerged from the home that resided a few metres from the long side of the playground (the one that didn’t have the random tree expanse behind it). “This den belongs to Wynore, Bibi and Luck,” explained the cubone up-front, and I flinched, a spike tearing through my stomach and twisting three times. I then identified the newly-appeared figure, and I couldn’t help but tense up for more than one reason upon seeing the apparent ursaring invade my line of sight. I hesitated in following Cupborn as he neared and looked about to greet her. “Come on, flareon!”

Dusty,” I replied bitterly, keeping my head low and my body alert as I padded up by his side.

The female ursaring eyed me warily as I did the same, but our staring contest was interrupted. “Wynore, Flar—”


“...Wynore,” he restated, glaring at me. “She runs the kindergarten. Or, more respectively, daycare.”

‘They have a daycare here?’ I wondered, not expecting something like that. “H...hi.”

“We have met,” Wynore uttered to Cupborn, taking her eyes from mine. “ meet you,” she admitted awkwardly.

“ too,” I replied, discomfort wagging its tail in my face.

“Wynore!” someone from inside the house called, and soon a dirty-cream coloured slender pokémon loped from the entrance and landed behind the ursaring. “...Oh.” Her gaze touched on my face before fixing itself on the cubone beside me. “Company!” she sung, her bright blue eyes a nice change of atmosphere.
“I’m Dusty,” I introduced, wearing a smile while hoping she’d reflect it. However, there was nothing to hope for as I realised she already was.

The brown-striped pokémon sat down on her hind legs, her form becoming much taller and still as sleek. Her front leg with two noticeable claws on it came up to rest on her front as she said, “That is a lovely name. Mine is Mynk.”

“Tha—” Suddenly I noticed something—something I should have picked up on the moment she bounded from the shack. Her head was uneven. And in saying that, I meant...she only had one ear. The left one was less than a stump. It was as if something had sliced through its base and left not a trace of one ever being there...except for the minimally exposed but completely healed skin with a thin layer of fur covering it. By the looks of it, it had happened a long time ago. So, not focusing my energy on something so distracting, my eyes returned to hers. “That’s too.”

“Thank you.” She swivelled her head and addressed the other normal type, and I drew a sigh. She hadn’t noticed I had been staring at her missing ear. If one of mine was gone, I’d hate to have others watch it intently too, as if they were trying to work out the mystery behind it when I could so easily just tell them.
“Moving on,” the cubone began, plodding back in the direction we came.

“Oh, see you, Cubbs!” Mynk began waving a paw, the ground type freezing on the spot and whirling around immediately.

“Cubbs?!” he spat, hardly believing what he heard. “Where did you hear that stupid nickname?” he demanded, marching forward several paces to meet the linoone’s nose. “Tell me!”

“Oh, I’m sorry...” she apologised, her tone shrinking in volume. “I wasn’t aware that—”

“Just tell me why you called me that,” he growled, clenching his bone tighter.

“Hey, would you calm down?” I requested, squeezing between the two pokémon. “She was just having a play around.”

“I don’t have time for playing around,” snapped the clearly-grumpy tour guide. He almost stabbed his eyes back into Mynk’s before I intervened once more.

“Give ‘er some space! Sheesh!”

“Dusty.” I was quick to meet her. “...It’’s okay,” the normal type reassured, and I cocked my head. It was? “Yukra and I were discussing everybody’s roles, and—”

“Yukra?!” exclaimed the marowak pre-evolution, resentment flooding his tone. I nearly chuckled.

Without warning, the adorable, innocent little teddiursa I had seen not long ago peered at us from inside the doorway of the permanently split-up family’s house, her tiny paws gripping the wood. “Mummy?”

“C-coming, Bibi,” Wynore stated, barely excusing herself before she swept up her child and disappeared inside the home. In the meantime, Cupborn was seething as he stomped back and forth, muttering indecipherable words under his breath as he apparently forgot about my tour.

“Cubbs...‘ey?” I whispered amusedly into, embarrassingly, the non-ear-holding side of Mynk’s noggin. I heard her blow a chuckle through her nostrils as she shrunk to my height.

“...I guess he doesn’t take unauthorised nicknames well,” she theorised, and I nodded.

“I gathered that too!” I exclaimed, meaning to sound silly.

“Mummy!” The sound of a small pokémon yelping caught my attention, and I rotated my head into the direction it came from. A tiny asparagus coloured head appeared behind two of many beams of wood: the fence around the daycare. Small paws rested on the bottom railing, which was waist-height for the pokémon.

“Oh, excuse me,” the linoone quickly uttered, loping to the fence with needless effort. She peered over it once on her hind legs, resting her forelegs on to top beam. The small pokémon below her stared up with red triangle eyes, black marks coming to a point right below them. A long sort of spike with a red tip was planted on the creature’s head, and a maroon belly held horizontal lines. Stubby arms reached pleadingly at Mynk’s looming form, and the normal type dipped her head for it to be held in the green pokémon’s embrace.

“...‘Mummy’?” I whispered disbelievingly, rather perplexed. Mynk was the evolutionary species of a zigzagoon. And a larvitar was claiming to be her daughter? “Is that even possible?” I wondered in an awkward giggle. My gaze jumped about restlessly as I searched for somewhere to look, and Cupborn happened to fall into my sight. However, he was...leaving. For some odd reason, the cubone was waddling with stiff arms around the trees, slowly becoming smaller as he gained more distance. “C-Cupborn!” I yelled, taking a step forward with my left leg. He continued stomping for about a metre more before turning and causing me to dodge the spears his enraged eyes spat. I shook off, opening my mouth again. “Where are you going? Aren’t we gonna finish—”

“There’s nothing else I need to show you!” boomed the cubone, and I was taken slightly aback. He then whipped himself around and disappeared behind the trees.

“...Fine,” I mumbled, trotting over to Mynk. At least she was showing some manners.

“Dusty,” she said after noticing me. I stopped and responded. “Can you please watch the pokémon for a moment? I need to get something; I’ll only be a minute!”

A frown stroked my face and ran off, and I blinked a few times in a row. “Uh...o...kay?”

“Thank you,” she mentioned, placing a paw on my shoulder before dashing into the vegetation collection.
I faced the long, rectangle playground, flashing a glance up and down it. At least twelve or so pokémon frolicked about, throwing things, racing, climbing, blabbering, rolling, digging, swimming, gliding and wearing grins that should by all rights not fit on their faces. Some sat in groups and others sat in pairs or by themselves. I caught sight of a lone scrawny charmander placed in a corner to my right where the grass grew tall. Surprisingly her tail flame avoided all contact with any plantation, but at the same time, it seemed unlikely anyway considering how dimly it burned. Her face was almost expressionless. Dare I say, it was...hollow. As if all positive emotion had been drained and stored in some hole mountains away. She stared at the dirt in a small mound before her body, her paws occasionally touching it and then recoiling, her eyes twitching as she did so. Her belly barely seemed to move, and a number of times I thought her oxygen flow had ceased. She also looked pale and unresponsive, especially as other pokémon rushed by her before prancing to the other end, where most of the toddlers played. I couldn’t take my eyes off her though... She was so...dull, so devoid of spirit; devoid of life.

Continued in the next post...
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