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Default Re: Stats bathed in Moonlight

The Pokemon, I say!

Name: Wave
Age: 9 (in human years)
Gender: Female
Special Features: None, apart from a grin that barely leaves
Special Abilities: Nothing interesting, but she can make blobs of water, freeze them and have a snowball. Insanely useful.
Description: Wave is my starter Pokemon. She is a beautiful and powerful Pokemon, and is a very kind Pokemon. But she can be annoying with her snowballs, tell me about it.
Battles til evolution: 3

Name: Midnight
Age: 10 (human years)
Gender: Female
Special Features: None...
Special Abilities: HER BITE.
Description: Midnight is the first pokémon I've bought from the PokéMart. Her bite has been useful, and she likes to practice her Crunch on Wave. D:
Battles til evolution: 4

Name: Shocker!
Age: 15 (in human years)
Gender: Female
Special Features: Pink wool underneath a bit of white wool
Special Abilities: Ability to call thunder with a baa.
Description: Shocker! is the first Pokémon I've caught via story, and is probably the strongest Mareep on her home farm.
Battles til evolution: 5

Current activies:
Shocker is eating grass, and Midnight is jumping over her over and over. Wave is relaxing in the pool.


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