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Default Kaori`s Poke Center!




- Chimchar----[]
- Turtwig-----[]--- All lvl 1, UT. Unlimited supply
- Piplup -----[]

- Ditto`s
- Evee--- Can even trade away the evolved forms.

- Can breed any Diamond pokemon for you. ( that is breedable of course )

All my legendarys are up for cloning if u know how to do it.

Items for trade:

Dusk stone x1
Shiny Stone x2
Everstone x4
Firestone x4
Thunderstone x8
Sun Stone x3
Leaf Stone x1
Hard Stone x4
Protector x1
Reaper Cloth x1
Oval Stone x1

Stones are currently on farming status, so if u need any more, just shout.

Lots of boost items.

-Need any item that is held by wild pokemon, just shout and ill get on it.

-Any TM u need, tell me the number and ill see what i can do.

Currently have: 6,11,12,21,23,27,28,36,37,39,52,43,45,45,48,49,53, 54,55,70,72,80,81,85,87

-I can pland up a supply of Berries. Just tell me what u need, and the amount, and ill get on the job ( Will need payment in advance for this, seeing as its time consuming, and i need some form of guarantee beforehand )

Can currently plant the following: 1,,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,20,21,22, 23,24,25,44,46,50

So if you have anything i might want, shout!

Currently looking for:

-Mew, mewtwo, charmander, bulbasaur, squirle

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