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Default Re: War IX RP: A Fault of Souls -- Discussion

Originally Posted by Neo Pikachu View Post
Thing is, it was assumed that Jishen was the leader of the SnS. I was put in a somewhat awkward position with that since I originally thought Kano would have been the leader from the start. Once that happened, I pretty much placed Kano in a position of being some kind of elite lieutenant instead of the leader. Thing is, in order to have Kano as the leader, I would have to do a lot of NPC work-around.
Well, no. I only ever portrayed Jishen as a "representative of Saraya," not the freaking leader of the the Senshi, simply because it would've been strange for all of the leaders to meet with one another face-to-face when they have such a violent history.
Originally Posted by Neo Pikachu View Post
I guess you're right though, I probably have been going about this RP the wrong way. This RP is actually very different from the usual Team and War RPs that Rust and I usually host, where if you get a few magic items and put them to constructive use, its okay and even encouraged. At the same time, if you want to transform your character into something wild and interesting, its okay as long as you put the effort in it. In reflection of this, usually I'm not afraid to do things that really twist and turn the storyline, but here, I can tell that kind of thing isn't welcome. From what it seems like I guess I prefer these kinds of RPs like an RTS rather than what seems to be more like a fighting game. But since PE2K could always use some more good RPs, maybe I'll use some of my scrapped ideas toward a new RP.
It's true that I haven't encouraged that type of thing, but at the same time, I wouldn't say I've discouraged it, either. I don't really care what kind of crazy powers you give your character, as long as you play it out fairly. If you want to do that kinda thing, like, oh say, have your character obtain wings from a secret society of bird people, then obviously, that's not against the rules. I've simply decided to encourage interaction between RPers, instead.

Though, it's kind of insulting that you'd say the RP doesn't do do strategy well. I mean, come on...
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