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Default Re: Kaori`s Poke Center!

Originally Posted by Wizard View Post
i'll trade a mystery mew for:

2 firestones, 1 leaf stone, 1 thunder stone and do you have any EV berries? (i have no idea how to get any...or what they actualy do xD apart from helping to EV train a poke)

and maybe a dialga if you have one? i can clone it as long as it's not an event
Sound like a good deal there. The stone aint a problem trading. And if u find out what berries u need ill trade it to you, if i got them in stock, u can haver them right away, if not ill be happy too plant up a nice stock for you.

The dialga i have is the original from diamond, havent done much too it as i have not used it, so if u know the way too do it, ur free too clone up a stock of them!

Im at work now, and will be back in about 4 hours, will u be on then?