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Default Re: Rebirth: Legendary War (SU)

Player: kitkatt
Character Name: XD^4 25S 'Shadow'
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Legendary: Dialga
Appearance: Shadow is about 5' 7''. She is very slight, but she is wiry rather than skinny, unlike before she became a Shadow Legendary. Her hair is black, and falls to the small of her back in soft waves. Her skin is the same slate gray mixed with purple as the others, except the gray is slightly darker than usual. On her back, there is an odd mark that looks almost like the crest of Dialga, except it is a very dark grey outlined in black. She also has an odd tattoo that looks like a diamond on her forehead, except it is a dark gray and always hidden by her hair, which also partially obscures her smoky eyes.
She always wears a long-sleeved black shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows, and black cargo pants, along with jet-black trainers. She also wears a black hoodie, with the hood down.
Personality: Shadow is often described as emotionless. Most of the time her eyes are blank and impossible to read for any emotions. However, if you look closely, the blankness turns to deep confusion, sadness and anger. The transformation forced upon her by the Johoto Government went wrong, and some of Dialga's powers have twisted in her, making her violent and unpredictable.
She is hard to please and will not hesitate even for a second to punish those who do not live up to her expectations. Although she is a born leader, she is also a cruel one, and is quite paranoid, always looking out for traitors and betrayers. She is never fully open or trustworthy with anyone, and instantly regrets telling anyone about anything. In her most angry and confused moments, she has been known to lash out for now reason, complaining of the sound of a clock ticking in her head.

Bio: Caitlyn Green was born in the city of Peweter. She lived with her mother and father on the outskirts of town, in a little detatched place that she loved. Reflecting back, Shadow guesses that Caitlyn got on well with her parents, despite having their arguments like everyone else. Caitlyn's life continued in an average sort of way untill she was sixteen; she moved up in her education, passed her tests well, made some friends, fell out, and made them again.

And then she was sixteen. Shadow remembers the day that started it all; a short walk, in the woods near Caitlyn's home; she remembers the towering redwoods and slender birches that shone like ghosts in the moonlight as Caitlyn Green walked into a new life.

Dialga. Master of Time. Caitlyn, Shadow ruminates, had heard of it before, but she was still shocked when the beast that embodied Time met her that lonely night. Caitlyn was a person born to lead, she could have become so much more, Shadow beseeches herself, but she chose to be in the back seat, to shy away from her destiny. So much as, that when Dialga bestowed her with the gift that was to become his successor, she took one look at the Master of Time, and fled.

It only took a couple of weeks for Caitlyn's capture, and her change. The change that made Caitlyn become Shadow, stepping into the darkness. Then, Dialga was no more. He made one last effort, to turn shadows into light. The plan failed. Instead of stopping Shadow's change, he made it worse, twisting her and her powers into something unrecognisable, deformed, destroyed.

Eventually, Shadow joined the forces of Johto. What else could she have done? They were her creators, the ones who made her who she was. She had failed Dialga. She will not fail them.

Other: OMG, it's Tardis TROUBLE!!

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