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Originally Posted by Atropos View Post
Hi! I've been playing the Pokemon Games for ten years, but I've never done Wi-Fi battling ever. It seems pretty interesting, and I thought that joining a clan might make me a better battler. So I'd like to sign up, but I do have a small question, and I feel rather stupid asking it...But, what's an "IGN"?
IGN = In game name So what did you name your character on your game ;o?

And you have to fill out the form on the first page if im right...

Also uhm if you dont know your friend code it is located in your Pal pad in key items but i have to connect to wifi for the first time to do that. Enjoy



~PKMN Skills:

~Reason For Joining:

~Time's Your Usally on:

~Do you agree to the rules and agree to follow them?:

Congratz wizard you've done it : )! Prowd of you bro : )!
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