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Default Re: .:;~!Team.:~:.Ultimate.:~:.Nightmare!~;:. Is Back! [4/5] JUST ONE MORE!!!

Originally Posted by Dark Shadow Lord View Post
congrats on becoming official!

Originally Posted by Cherries View Post
WOOOOT Congratultions my friend!

Prowd of all of you for helping wizard create what could be a long lasting fun clan.

Hopefully this time t.u.n will stay around longer.. Good luck amigo!
i hope so too and yes,

Thank you my friends for all the help! i can honestly say that from now on we shall no longer be thought of as the "forgotten" clan! and that we SHALL rise and take our place at the top! we have allready proven that we have what it takes, now the only thing left to do, is to make that happen!!!! I have complete confidence in you all! LETS KICK SOME CLAN BUTTS!

on other news since we have now become an official clan, i am celebrating with two major events! number one! an in-clan tournament! and perhaps with a special guest to take part the second one is that because you all have stuck by the clan through thick and thin i award you all with 30 stars! spend them as you wish or save up for when the shop is open ;3 that's all for now!

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we are now on Xat!
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