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Default Re: Everyone wanted! WE ARE BACK ONCE MORE! ~TUN

~IGN: Lucas

~FC: 4297 7682 1061

~PKMN Skills: Uh...Ten years of battling experience...Nothing in the Wi-Fi area.

~Reason For Joining: I wanted to join a clan and become a more strategic battler.

~Time's Your Usally on: Evening through early morning. (7:30pm-3:00am)

~Do you agree to the rules and agree to follow them?: Of course! :D

EDIT: I just noticed that this is a D/P/Pt Clan, but I have Soul Silver. Although I have Pearl, I recently started a new game, so I don't have a very good team. I read that D/P and HG/SS are capable of battling with each other over Wi-Fi, though. So that's not a problem, is it? Or do you want this to stay D/P/Pt?

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