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Default Re: .:;~!Team.:~:.Ultimate.:~:.Nightmare!~;:. Is Back! [4/5] JUST ONE MORE!!!

Originally Posted by Atropos View Post
~IGN: Lucas

~FC: 4297 7682 1061

~PKMN Skills: Uh...Ten years of battling experience...Nothing in the Wi-Fi area.

~Reason For Joining: I wanted to join a clan and become a more strategic battler.

~Time's Your Usally on: Evening through early morning. (7:30pm-3:00am)

~Do you agree to the rules and agree to follow them?: Of course! :D

EDIT: I just noticed that this is a D/P/Pt Clan, but I have Soul Silver. Although I have Pearl, I recently started a new game, so I don't have a very good team. I read that D/P and HG/SS are capable of battling with each other over Wi-Fi, though. So that's not a problem, is it? Or do you want this to stay D/P/Pt?
sorry about that the form is an old one but i tried to up-date it i guess i missed that xD i battle using SS too so it's not a problem i will up-date it now so all games are excepted

Originally Posted by highmax28 View Post
This is kinda late, but has the tourney begun yet? If not, when is it estimated when it will be started?

And as a little suggestion for your clan shop when it gets put together (I can help with items as much as I can if you need that), you should be able to use your stars for specific items/pokes if the clan shop posesses it, so it can be used as a currency AND a rank, but of course, you keep the stars rank, and the clan shop head would keep track of whos spent how much stars and how many they have left. This could cause confusion amongst the clan and the clan shop head, but it would have more meanings behind stars.

An alternitive would be that certain items/pokes can be taken by having a certain amount of stars (for example, you need 6 stars to get a Dome Fossil, etc.). This methood means that the stars isnt the currency, making it easier on others, but then you would have to make another form, and keeping record of that would be difficult.

These are all suggestions, but do whats in your best intentions! And congrats on forming us into an official clan, sorry i missed that day, I had some issues and couldn't get on alot >.<
the first thing was an idea of mine too i was going to have two sets of stars one is your overall stars and when you buy something the overal star count is not effected but a separate column is for your spending stars, like this:

(Wizard:50 stars (50 stars) ---> purchase something ---> it then becomes: Wizard: 40 stars (50 stars))

the stars on the left are the same stars for the right but you can spend then, the stars on the right are the stars you have collected throughout your timehere and are added up to battle higher members, both star count rises when you gain stars.

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we are now on Xat!
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