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Default Re: .:;~!Team.:~:.Ultimate.:~:.Nightmare!~;:. Is Back! AND OFFICIAL!

Originally Posted by Wizard View Post
i made it x3 i didn't think it was all that good but i guess i was wrong xD

yes it will! i am looking forward to what we will acomplish and gain from being in a clan! i bet lildude3000 is thinking "wow they got together quick" xD everyone who doubted us will feel the vengence of TEAM ULTIMATE NIGHTMARE!

oh and to everyone! the special guest to our new tournament is CHERRIES!
cherries is from another clan, so we must prove our might to our oponnents in the fight to be the best! i promised cherries a good fight, so we must try our best and show our oponent who's truely the best clan here! (i will randomly decide who will battle who so be ready for anything!)
I'm actually a competitive battler when it involves Cherries. Lol, I beat up his Pokemon once when I had Mence. XD
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