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OH YAY. (By the way, my friend Freya says that this is a long comment, and I shouldn't be replying to it in English. xD BUT IT'S MY FREE. And her class. [Yep, wrote this part earlier today. xD]) ANYWAY. You still haven't told me about it. o: When we AIM you needa tell me all about it. :D
XDDD Haha, well I guess it is long! But that's a good thing! Yeah, I do! There's so much to tell you about!

xDD Aw, well I like your compound names. They're cool! 8D But I think coming up with names isn't something you can do on the spot unless you've thought about it prior to that. Sometimes names just float around in my head and I manage to fit it to a character. :D Others come from things like my chao on SA2B--Dusty, for instance. She was one of my first chao, and names like Zetrik and...well...other names are chao names too. And other characters from things that I like. o: xDDD Yeah, that's pretty talent-requiring.
Thanks! Sometimes I have a hard time thinking up THOSE though. Oh, I see what you mean. o: I'm just not good with names, usually...and it's annoying! DX

You pretty much have, so it's all good. xD I think you said it once in chapter 48, but only once. x) o: ANOTHER INSIDE JOKE?!?! You have to tell me. 8D

Haha, yep. Random weird things for the win.

o: AND MY MISTAKE-MAKING. All in one. c:

xDDD Me too. He's lucky he isn't anywhere near me. >:3
Well, I guess only once is good for me. XD Yes! There are two big inside jokes I need to tell you, but there's a lot to explain about them. They're really funny though!

XD Yes!

I think I make enough mistakes on my own not to need inspiration. XD

Yeah, lucky. xD

Dusty: Yeah, I know, but he could have shown a bit of welcoming...ness.

[COLOR="DarkOrange"]xDDD On second thought, I don't think I'd be skilled enough to get a hold of him. xD

Oh, okay. o: I thought you were meaning it was bad that it was long. Dx Well I loved all the talking! 8D I didn't think it was a negative thing at all! I love character conversation. xDD WELL GOOD. AND I ASSURE YOU THAT I WOULD HAVE BEEN INTERESTED NO MATTER WHAT IT WAS. xD
Snowcrystal: It doesn't mean he's...evil or don't know him!

Blazefang: What is it with you and this "everyone is good" thing? >_>

Haha, neither would I. XD

No, I didn't mean that! Well, I'm glad you did! I'm glad the conversation was...interesting, at least. XD OKAY, AWESOME I'LL TRY NOT TO CUT THINGS ANYMORE! Unless I really need to for some reason (like saving things for a later chapter or whatnot).

Quote:'s kinda confusing. Yeah, for that, but he's a mongrel as well. o: xD Yeah, exactly. He was pretty much careless and disregarded the wishes of his clan. Well, not totally harmless, but yeah...less likely to attack, I suppose. ^^; Yeah, true. He can't change the past! Yeah. He wants to get away after doing that he did, which is understandable. He probably regrets what he did. D: I WONDER how he's react to hear that Moonlight (and any other pokemon from his clan who could have been killed by master) is dead. o: I don't know if he'd much care, since Moonlight went against him, but still. Okay. xDD
Yeah, pretty confusing. DX Exactly. Bigly careless. XD He was a bad (and at times) a cruel leader. Well, actually, he is pretty much harmless. Even if he attacked Wildflame, she and a lot of the others in the group are fire types; he wouldn't have gotten a chance to strike before they took him down. He's injured and weak, so isn't really a threat to the group in his current state (plus Damian has his poke ball). There's also the fact that he doesn't really want any trouble, so he's not going to sneak up on someone and hurt them (he knows it'll end badly for him anyway). So yeah, if no one threatens him, they're not going to get any trouble from him, and if they do, it's not like there's much he can do to them. Yeah...a lot of regret after what happened after being driven out. He just wants to forget and move on, which is pretty much impossible. Yeah, interesting idea. o: I don't know how he'd learn that, though, since he's not going to want to talk to Snowcrystal or anything, but interesting...

xDD Haha, very true. It's not like I would either. xD

Ooh, that would hurt. >.< I'd hate to be in that situation. Like...if I was an eevee and evolved into a glaceon or something instead of a flareon. Dx I'd hate that! Yeah, exactly. Which is annoying for Snow and Stormblade, but I don't know if Snow would endure pain for Scytheclaw or anyone else she didn't know but was friends with someone she didn't like or something. o:
XD Yeah...after seeing what he did to Nightshade, Snowcrystal's not too bothered with caring whether he's in pain or not.

Yeah, it would! ._. Yep, that's exactly what it's like for him! Yeah, I wonder how Snowcrystal would react if the tables were turned and she had to heal Scytheclaw's friend or something. She probably would, considering she'd have nothing against the friend himself (like Scytheclaw has nothing against Stormblade) but it's still a different situation than Scytheclaw's (with the evolution thing) and she's a different person. As for her having to heal Scytheclaw himself, that would be interesting to think about. Another thing I was just wondering about was how it would be if Stormblade knew someone had the power to heal him, and wouldn't. Now THAT would stink.

Yeah. I can see both sides of the argument, but I happen to lean slightly more towards Scytheclaw. xD Yeah, a different way of looking at it is a sensible way to put it. :D Yeah, but that's more like irrational thinking. She wants to make this possible for Stormblade so he can have another chance. HEY. O_O YOU KNOW WHAT. Imaging if Master got a hold of Scytheclaw and found a way to force him to heal...then he could heal all his large, scary pokemon if they got injured at an inconvenient time and he needed to use them... Dx Or Team Rocket! They could do a similar thing... But they kinda need to discover Scytheclaw's ability first. xD xD It's okay, I get what you're saying. I would be as well! Yeah, exactly... I hope it all turns out...eventually. Dx Like, maybe Stormblade possibly does something for Scytheclaw and in return Scytheclaw heals him (even a bit). :D But then again, there is that guess of it actually being able to heal his Shadowflare wounds... I mean, it might not be able to. o:
I think of Scytheclaw's and Snowcrystal's actions (for the most part) to be neutral. Not right, but not wrong either (I'm talking about how Scytheclaw didn't want to heal Stormblade and how Snowcrystal asked him too). Yeah...Snowcrystal's mainly just worried about Stormblade in this situation.

Wow, that's a really interesting thought! o: And geez...that would be a horrible life for Scytheclaw, being forced to painfully heal pokemon all the time. Haha, yeah. XD Good think Snow and friends and the three humans are the only ones who know about it!

Yeah...not much Stormblade CAN do, though. D8 Well, at this point, Snowcrystal would be happy with him agreeing to at least TRY to heal, even just a little bit.

Yeah, that's what I was trying to say. xDD Yeah, well I'm glad you don't show more of his just makes me want to hit him with a frying pan again and again. Yeah, and it's such a generalisation. Dx I think he's lazy and stupid! T^T
Okay. XD Yeah, it would be pretty frustrating to write about. DX Haha, that's a really funny image! Yeah, a big generalization! x_x And not fair to the pokemon! Yeah. XD Well maybe not 'lazy', but definitely stupid, at least when it comes to his opinion about scythers and scizors.

Yeah, good reason alright! Yeah! She wasn't even doing anything wrong! Oh yeah--but he missed at one point. But, OUCH! How much would that hurt? And he's kinda a dill, because obviously she was gonna wake up and be angry at Justin for throwing a brick at her! I mean, anybody would! Especially when she did nothing wrong first! And yes, I was going to remember that...but I do distinctly remember that manectric. And I was annoyed too. Dx I remember asking you in a dA note if you found Justin difficult to write about since he hates the pokemon you love most... Yeah, pretty much. >.>

Nahh...good point. o: Yeah, which is pretty low. =/
Nope, just lying there in the streets unconscious. >.< I think he hit her with the brick when she was waking up, out of panic (really stupid thing to do). It would hurt A LOT. Yeah. XD He didn't expect her to be able to attack with those injuries though. Bad idea, Justin! Oh yeah, I think I remember that too. o:

Yes, it is... >.<

xDDD Yeah. Yeah! That's true. She was only really important in the beginning now now everyone's like "eh" about her. xDD Yeah! That's a good point. I don't think she'd stand to be under anyone else's rule either. o: Yeah, I bet... How depressing! I hope Cyclone goes insane before coming near them. Dx

Yeah, it was! Imagine if Justin had found Stormblade before Katie! Dx That would have been horrible... Yeah, I bet he does. That stupid, butt pie of a boy... *mutters under breath* Yeah. x) Haha, I like how you said so 'they and he' can be safe--it's putting them first, which sounds totally like Damian. ^v^ *hugs Damian* YOU'RE MY HERO! :D
Well of course they're 'eh' about her; they have much bigger things to worry about! XD Yeah, exactly! Yeah, Cyclone coming near them would be a disaster. o.O

Whoa, yeah, REALLY horrible. He'd have likely ended up more injured if Justin had. Yep...he hasn't forgiven Katie for not doing away with him. Haha, yeah, true! It totally sounds like him! =D

xDD Yes... o: Hahaha, YES. Oh well! That doesn't matter. :3 BIGLY!!!!!!!!! Woohoo! Hope I can get to plot related stuff in TtEoaF soon! xD


xDD Oh yeah! :3 Haha, they're all cool. xD
Yeah. XD ME TOO! I want to see the plot stuff!


Of course!

Also, because Xanthe told me to post this, here's a short parody I wrote of The Path of Destiny. Enjoy. XD

The Pathway to the Destiny

Once upon a time there was a lot of white growlithes on a mountain. The mountain which used to have Articuno on it but did not anymore. These growlithes blended into the snow like marshmallows. BUT the snow was melting now that Articuno had leaved. Soon it would be gone and the growlithes would camoflague no more and everyone would be able to see that they weren't wearing any clothes. How horrible!

In the midst of this, a hero will rise! A growlithe named Snowcrystal said that she will be finding Articuno.

"Here," said growlithe leader, "I want you have this glowing rock!"

"Thank you," said Snowcrystal, and off she went.

On the way, she founded a jolteon. His electric attacks turned her into toast. Then he apologize.

"I'm sorry!" he screamed. Tears rolled down his face.

"Hi," said Stormblade.

They walked off and then got attacked by GHOSTS! But they tried really hard and got away.

Meanwhile, Blazefang, who was wearing a fresh suit of clothes, wanted to uncover the growlithe secret. He followed them with othler houdours who wanted to come along.

Blazefang found the ghosts and defeated them! Then he find a shiny rock! He said, "I will wear it around my neck like Snowcrystal because we shall be rivals and have epic battle together someday!"

Meanwhile, Snowcrystal & friends rescued a vulpix who said, "Look out!"

And they run over by stantler.

Then they came to a city and saw a chained up scyther named Thunder.

And then Thunder saw Stormblade. And they fell in love.

Stormblade freed the other scyther but she was too afraid to tell him how she feels so she run off.

Stormblade cried.

Then Volco came!

He jumped and bit Snowcrystal's head fiercely! Snowcrystal screameded.

But Redclaw come and save!

They went on without Redclaw. But they found Thunder again!

Next they got some honey from a combee and then walked. Wildflame came up to them and asked, "can I join your group?"

"No," said Stormblade. "Yes!" said everyone else. Stormblade didn't win.


He leaped and his glowy stone gave him a power. He shot a fire at Stormblade and Stormblade died.

But his magical love for Thunder revived him!

But Snowcrystal was mad at Blazefang. "How come your rock gives you powers and mine does not?" she asked accusingly. She whack Blazefang in the face. He cried and run away.

Later they went to a library but no books on how to get magic rocks. Snowcrystal cried.

They went on thier journey to meet many new friends. Soon there were a lot of them together. Stormblade was bigly hurt because he was unlucky. Thunder spend all her time taking care of him. Now the group was at a canyon where Nightshade have to fight scizor.

He punch Scytheclaw in the face and Scytheclaw went flying in the air and did not come down. Everyone cheered.

Then a reviewer told the author that it bad to use overused pokemon, and The Pathway to the Destiny had too many of them! So all the main characters but Nightshade got replaced with underused pokemon. And the other characters sent to a random void of nothingness.

Now Nightshade was the main character because he is the only one who knew what he was doing.

He tried to teach the others how to be the pokemon they was replacing. One student said, "it is not working well your stupid heracross!" and Nightshade told him that he had to be Stormblade and the student got struck by lightning.

Nightshade cried. He want his old friends back.

Then he realize that Cyclone was gone too. So no more threat. Except for the growltihes. But pokemon were going to find out they did not wear clothes anyway. He realized he was free to do whatever he want.

He led the pokemon across the world to see sights.

Then the author got smarter and realize she did not have to care about popular. And the underused pokemon were gone and the real characters came back.

Nightshade hugged them all in one group. He was so glad to see them! They had changed! Wildflame was a houndoom again and so was Snowcrystal. Spark grew almost as many tales as Bathtub and Thunder and Stormblade had 309,489,908 kids.

The kids of Stormblade and Thunder swarmed the land, solving of all the problems.

Then there was peace.

The end.

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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