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Default Ref Wages (7/24 - 8/7)

NOTE: These are your combined wages. Don't claim both, only one.

iReign: 42k
Marshy: 26k
Dr.Stubbsburg: 29k
WTP: 135k
Leman: 2k
Monbrey: 86.5k
Pidge: 61k
TED: 43k
Shinies: 47k
Haze: 8k
Xalapeno: 61k
Khajmer: 9k
BB16: 7.5k
august13th: 32.5k
MK: 2k
LS: 12k
Near: 21k
Fierce Deity: 8.5k
Junior: 6k
Anna Egorov: 26k
Flammenwerfer: 6.5k
ST: 15.5k

life is a btch, but i appreciate her
AIM: ireignorshine
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