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Default Re: The [new] Quote Thread; Show off your stuff!

Just gonna BREAK this in a little.

[Insert Obligatory "Quotes" banner here]
Originally Posted by Yahoo Chat Room
othelloflac has entered the room
X the demon: Can I help you?
othelloflac: >_>
othelloflac: Sorry kind of new to this.
X the demon: Do you know how annoying it is to have people just pop into my domain..
X the demon: and think, oh, it's secluded so let's F**K as loud as we can because no one will hear us.
X the demon: Well F**K THAT!... leave..
othelloflac left the room
Zach Morrison: charlie is my families dog. I don't have my own dog. I've always wanted one, so this one is MIIINE. I'ma teach him to bite airplane wings and pull them to the ocean, then doggy paddle back to shore for his next mission.
Heather Henry: fair enough! I'll look in the tell it n sell it for free puppies! you may have won this round.... >:[
Zach Morrison: lol i knew you couldnt top that. xD
Caleb Martin: I'll help, zach! I'll teach him to headbutt oil tankers out of the ocean in send it flying for miles. >.>
Zach Morrison: i'd appreciate it caleb.
Caleb Martin: We got this..If his name is Guile, We'll have him live up to such a name.. xD
Josh Jager: WHAT THE FFFF!!!! JOSIE HAD PUPPIES!!???? let me guess who it was
Caleb Martin: If you guess charlie, you guess wrong.. >.>
Zach Morrison: charlie was fixed a looong time ago lol
Caleb Martin: I know that.. xD
Dan Rodgers: Charlie reproduces asexually.
Caleb Martin: Everything reproduces Asexually to you, danny.. >.>
Josh Jager: dude, guys i know about charlie! i was more or less pointing the finger at pup... but then i thought about it... how the eff is that possible?
Caleb Martin: It wasn't meant to be.. Those two shouldn't be allowed to breed. Unless they were the opposite sex.. The males should always be smaller when breeding different sized dogs.. >.>
Michael Gross: Caleb, the dog headbutts oil tankers it would flood the ocean and people would boycott the dog. That wouldn't be nice at all.
Caleb Martin: No, It wouldn't do any damage to the boat. Just headbutt it out of the water. xD
Michael Gross: If it headbutts it the boats haul would crack. You can't expect to headbutt something without any damage. I mean for christ sake if you headbutt a tree pokemon fall out.
Caleb Martin: lol, no but this dog will be so ridiculously broken and god-like. It wont hurt the boat at all. That's just how it is. Now If you'll exuse me, Imma go headbutt a tree.
Originally Posted by MSN
XaiakuX says:
I need to sleep
Kumori Gem says:
You keep saying that...
I see a trend =O
XaiakuX says:
sleeping is now trendy
everyone's doing it..
it's the latest late night craze..
Kumori Gem says:
It's what the cool kids do! XD
Originally Posted by PainKiller View Post
I'm hard.
Originally Posted by Kumori Gem View Post
I respect Caleb because he respects me.


That is all.
Originally Posted by Psychedelic Shroomish View Post
I know I was cumming everywhere and giggling when I was holding him, he kept licking my face and biting my ear and stuff. It really sucks to have to wait a week to bring him home, I want him so00o0 bad.
Originally Posted by MSN Chat
XaiakuX says:
SO! Mcdonalds as this new Rolo McFlurry, or whatever.. and apparently when the cashier rings it up, its 1 Rolo Flurry.. which the button only uses the first 2 letters of each word.. So the button reads out 1 ROFL..
Operative says: i think i'm going to buy that right now
Tombi says: Hey I'd like 1 rofl
Tombi says: The cashier just rolls about. And then you pay. That'd be amazing.
Tombi says: It'd be like a whorehouse without the sex
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