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Default Re: Shock's Judging Log

R/S/E Standard
Normal Smart
AIM Contest

Even though she was down by about 100 Visual points, Jess used Gengar to its full potential and won from the Acting in the closest Contest I've ever seen.

Dog of Hellsing and Gengar (w/ 883) win and receive $2,000, $1,500 Berry Credit, and a Normal Smart Ribbon.
Pidge and Pidgeot (w/ 849) get $1,500 and $1,000 Berry Credit.
JokesterJesse and Bibarel (w/ 460) get $1,500 and $500 Berry Credit.
Shinies and Jolteon (w/ 280) get $1,000 and $500 Berry Credit.

I get $2,000 for judging.
Paired with the amazing and wonderful Tsuki. <3

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