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Default Re: The [new] Quote Thread; Show off your stuff!

My quotes. <3

Originally Posted by AIM
ElectricPikachu1 (07:54:32): Medz...
Medencruz (07:54:32): Add those for more work
Medencruz (07:54:36): wut?
ElectricPikachu1 (07:54:44): ROAR!!
Medencruz (07:54:49): lol
Medencruz (07:54:54): Elecii...
ElectricPikachu1 (07:55:01): yes?
Medencruz (07:55:06): RAWR!!!
Medencruz (07:55:13): lolcat style ^
ElectricPikachu1 (07:55:17): RAWRRRRRRRRR!!!!
Medencruz (07:56:12): meow
ElectricPikachu1 (07:56:48): M
ElectricPikachu1 (07:56:54): Roar?
Medencruz (07:57:11): Rawrawrawr
ElectricPikachu1 (07:57:22): meow?
Originally Posted by AIM
Medencruz (07:22:19): lol
Medencruz (07:22:35): what country do you live in?
ElectricPikachu1 (07:22:41): england
Medencruz (07:22:57): never gonna go there in the future >_>
ElectricPikachu1 (07:23:20): lol
Medencruz (07:23:40): ur stories are random and wierd >_>
ElectricPikachu1 (07:23:43): my piece of paper is 2.7 metres long
Medencruz (07:23:55): what's that for XD
ElectricPikachu1 (07:24:30): its random islands with invincideathicorns on
Medencruz (07:25:26): whats the invinci-something
ElectricPikachu1 (07:25:33): a scribble
Medencruz (07:25:47): icorns?
ElectricPikachu1 (07:26:18): its and ultimate unicorn that looks like a scribble and it has infinity horns
Medencruz (07:26:46): how is that possible?
ElectricPikachu1 (07:27:39): it isnt which is why its on the paper
Medencruz (07:27:48): lol
Originally Posted by Dark Moonlight
YES! *Snags*
Originally Posted by Hitmonfighter
(I say By the way way too much D:<)
Originally Posted by SLCalamity View Post
I typed in:

Metapod is the sexual beast of the Pokémon world, knowing moves such as Harden and String Shot.

To German: Metapod ist das sexuelle Tier der Pokémon Welt, bewegt sich das Wissen wie verhärten und aufreihen Schuß.

To French: Le Metapod est l'animal sexuel des Pokémon monde, se déplace le savoir comme durcit et aligne le tir.

To English: Metapod is l' sexual animal of Pokémon world, moves the knowledge as hardens and aligns the shooting.

I actually lol'd.
Originally Posted by Dark Moonlight View Post
私はグミ熊午前, I am a gummy bear.

I'm just typing completely random things, then they turn into funny symbols.


I have to enter a completely random thing, they become symbols of fun.
Originally Posted by pokejava View Post
why was there a flaming peanut in cydiquils brain? i know that it is strange weird unusualness, but really? and i choose C
Originally Posted by Team_Edward019 View Post
I actually though this was a flame thread O.O but yeah, I liek ur fusions and stuffz ^^
Originally Posted by Dark Moonlight View Post
*slaps* That's revenge for having a laugh?
Originally Posted by Jessu View Post
I'll stop feeding the troll now. soz
Originally Posted by Jessu View Post
Now if YOU haven't noticed, I left my opinion in my last post, so I did keep things on track. You still have issues with paying attention. Plus it's fun proving you wrong time and time again. :)
I'll add some when I find funny things.

i can't love you more than this

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