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Default Re: Noctowl Guardians [DS]

All right DM you are right but I'm very busy with school. I'm running for President so that will put me behind. So if I'm lazy with my ass for I'm not fat forgive me. Next if you all been looking at the time of your posts ya'll were posting every 5 minutes.

Next the RP will start in different places. The Noctowl Alliances will start off in a city called Tisaneya and walk into a bar. There you will meet with each other. Also they will have Skarmory rade the city so you will have to help prevent that. Once that is done I will give you your next mission. This is only for humans.

The Skarmory people will start in a different city called Razen. There you will encounter some people with Noctowls and will have to kill them. After that I will give you your next mission as well. But this is only for humans.

Pokemon that are good you will start in a forest helping a nearby Pokemon when you are ambushed by three Skarmory. It was a set-up. You have the choice of running or fighting.

Pokemon that are bad. You are in a forest as well when you spot a traveler. You sense they have great treasure and you want it. Attack them and get it from them.

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