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Default Re: Digimon Adventure: NEXT! [Discussion Thread]

Originally Posted by Giratina View Post
Hey, Draconic Espeon. Did Chibi tell you about the Azulongmon thing yet? I think either he or Baihumon would work best for us two, if you wanted to buddy up with me.
No he didn't, but teaming up with you would be fine with me. ^^ I kinda already chose Azulongmon, and since we've both got draconic/reptilian Digimon, that one might work out best.

Also, I do like the episode idea, but limiting the post number too much might not be a good idea. I like Giratina's idea of reaching an objective and calling it an episode. Or, at least, give us a few more posts--like two or three, at least. Though we can still wait until everyone else has posted.

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